Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rodney has Reached Agent Weight

Well it seems like only yesterday that Rodney was a little fuzz ball now Daddy describes him as the fluffy monsters from Bugs Bunny can you tell which is which?

Rodney would like you to guess at his Agent name, this will be easier for those who live in the UK or who have seen the Sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Rodney's agent name will be the same name as one character calls Rodney in Only Fools and Horses as another clue it is also the name of a Freeview channel in the UK... guess away


  1. Are we allowed to guess as we live in England? Rodney must be Agent Dave. How can you call him a fluffy monster when he looks so cute? Or maybe he has an alter ego!

  2. It's not that he behaves like a monster it's more that he has got so big so quickly it's scary lol

  3. PS Agent Dave is correct ;)

  4. Good job, Rodney! Keep munching...
    The guinygirlz Raani, Cookie and boar BĂ©rke