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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Agent lil'Woop is 5 1/2 years old today!! Calendar piggies October

This months Calendar piggies are my Guinygirlz:
Agents lily'Explorer, Tortoise, Wheeker and lil'Woop

AKA Lily, Roos, Daisy and Woopy

Today is also a special day because our girl Woopy turned 5,5 years old today. This also means she is the oldest piggy I ever owned! She seems pretty healthy and active for her age, so we hope for many more years with her. So a small party for as today, please join us in congratulating Woopy on her half birthday, Carrot beers all around!!

Woopy after a bath...

Because I think you already know my piggies a bit I wanted to show you their house.

Recently we got a bunkbed, we got this idea from the Cali Cavy Collective:
Here is a tutorial on how to make one.

Lily on top, Woopy below, Daisy on the right
Our new drink bottle in empty cage, see the floating carrot?
Daisy snuggling in the hay (food) next to overturned hay rack and new waterbottle

We also love boxes, this is a beer house.. with Daisy peeking out
Recently we got a doll bed, great to eat hay off the side...
... snuggle below it ...
Or sit in it of course! Roos is modeling a birthday hat for Woopy,
as she doesn't like hats, and Roos doesn't mind
Mieke of this blog and of the Guinygirlz ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We had a bath

We shouldn't have said that we'd never had a bath..

Miss Bo
Agent Chanel
For those of you who are still wondering how J tells Coco and Sjeuf apart, here are some hints:
  • Coco is actually white, with only two lilac spots around her eyes 
  • Sjeuf is lilac all over 
  • Coco is a coronet. This means that she has a crest on her head and long hair everywhere else. Or as she likes to say; I wear a crown, since I am a queen ;-) 
  • Sjeuf is a sheltie, no crests
  • And most of all, Coco is a girl and Sjeuf is a boy!! When in doubt (as if..) check underneath ;-)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bath Time: the Archives

We from the Winky team are fortunate enough to have never had a bath. But we do have the archives with Jan the Boar, Suus, Yaya, Lotje and Guiny. These pigtures were made when they had a minor fungal infection and had to be treated with the Gorgeous Guineas products.

Pretty Suus

First, our brave pigs would get an oil treatment
I hate you
Little hedgehog
After wearing the oil for a few hours, the bathing would start
Then our heroes faced the shampooing
Jan the Boar all lathered up
After that, they were rinsed with water again to get the shampoo out. Suus used her super jumping powers for revenge.
Finally they were taken out and blown dry
Lotje had a curly belly
Look at the pretty curls
We didn't find many 'after' pigtures, we guess our heroes were not up for smiling prettily into the camera after this ordeal.

If your slave is sniggering while watching these photo's we suggest peeing during lap time.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Piggy Bathtime

Agent Minty reporting on Piggyfriends' Bathtime.
Most of us Piggyfriends, with a few exceptions, do not mind having a bath. Otto absolutely loves it. In these pigtures, you can see me with my friend Copper in the bath and wrapped in warm towels to dry afterwards.
Slave baths us all in pairs so that we have someone to chat with whilst the shampoo is working. She makes sure that the bathroom is nice and warm and then carries a pair of us upstairs in a box. She unscrews the shower head from its hose and gets the water to the right temperature. Then we are placed in the bath and she uses the hose to make us wet all over. Then she uses the Vet Sect Repel shampoo and works it up into a lather all over our coats and into our ears. If anypig has a messy grease gland, they have a blob of Swarfega applied to it.
Then we sit in the bath and wait for four minutes. We can explore the plughole, push the hose around or roll the shampoo bottle along. Then Slave switches the water on again and we have a thorough rinse. After that we are wrapped in warm towels and placed in a box to dry. She gives us something to nibble while we wait - usually some yummy cucumber slices.
While she is bathing the next pair of piggies, she will change our towels several times so that we keep getting dry ones. By the time that the second pair of piggies has been wrapped in their towels, we are ready for a rub with yet another warm towel. Our box is left by a radiator if it is winter so that we carry on drying but in the summer we are usually dry enough to go back into our pen with some nice fresh hay.
Sometimes we get our nails trimmed at this time.
The long haired piggies usually need to be finished off with the hairdryer on a low setting. They also have haircuts when in the bath as Slave finds it easier to do this with a wet coat.
Some of us get bathed more often than others. White coated piggies like myself get messier than the darker ones and the long haired ones need more attention than the short coated ones but Slave does all of us at some time. In our damp climate in England, fungal spores abound and this lovely shampoo keeps us free of this nasty problem as well as killing off any bugs that might be in our coats.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bathing time!

Hi fellow slaves,
I am writing this post as my girlz and boar refuse to write it, as most of them (and I guess most piggies out there) are not fond of baths...

Some time ago my boar Chico was having diarrhea :( With some extra hay and fibre in the form of fibreplex (protexin in a paste form, carrot flavoured), little veggies and I believe the bath helped as well, he got better. After that the poor guy somehow managed to break his front teeth, so eating was a bit harder and we had to feed him strips of veggies... Then now his teeth have grown back, he's got diarrhea again... So it's back to the fibreplex and additional hay, and not so much veggies for him.

I had recieved my Panacur (for worming) and Vet Sect repel shampoo only a few days before Chico got his first bout of diarrhea. As he did not seem to get rid of his diarrhea soon and that his skin was very flaky I thought is was a good idea to give him and the girlz a bath. I also started them all on their first round of panacur to eliminate any bugs or worms that might affect Chico's gut function.

I thought I'd give you some basic steps on what to take care of and what to do when you feel your pigs need a bath. Firstly, guinea pigs do not need baths as regularly as humans do! I guess (but have no proof) that very occasional baths are not good for piggies.
So the steps for bathing your piggies:
1. Fill 2 tubs/buckets/sinks (whatever is convenient for you and your pig with some luke warm to warmish water. Do not make the water too deep, your pigs should be able to stand in the tub without feeling they are drowning. This will help them to not panic, though some of mine panic eitherway...
I fill up my sink and a tub that fits in the sink (which we used for doing the dishes, before we had a dishwasher), and put them next to each other. I also have a rubber mat (kind of like a bath mat) which I put at the bottom of the sink, this prevents the piggies from slipping away, and gives the a more secure feeling to the ground.

2. Get your supplies ready (maybe you should even do this before step 1, as you don't want to water to become cold). I usually have 1 towel per pig, one (or two) towels to put them on when taking them out of the bath, and maybe an additional towel per pig to dry them off. I also have my shampoo ready and a plastic cup to pour water over the piggies.

3. Get your pigs ready, as the water will cool down pretty quickly I will put up a run in the kitchen with the pigs in it, so they are close by once I got the water and everything ready...

4. Put one towel next to the tub/sink filled with water, I usually fold a towel once. I put my pig on it, check if I got everything, and then slowly put the pig in one of the tubs. I make sure the pig gets wet, using the cup to pour some water over them. Be sure not to trow the water over their heads as most piggies won't like that and will start to panic. I take my panicking pigs out of the water if they get really stressed out, and put them back in once they seem to have calmed down.

Lily likes the water but not the shampoo,
she lifted up her tummy once shampoo
was put in her fur...
5.  Once the pig is all wet, take him or her out, and put on the now still dry towel.
Put some of the shampoo on your hands, divide over your two hands (usually your hands are wet by now from handling your piggie) maybe let it foam a bit and soap your piggy thoroughly.
<-- Our Lily looked like this after being soaped in with the Vet Sect Repel. Ann (from says to leave in the shampoo for a couple of minutes, and to make sure you work the lather into the ears.

6. Depending on the shampoo your using either leave it on for some minutes or start rinsing it out (step 7). When it needs to stay on the piggy for a few minutes it's a good idea to wrap your piggy into a towel to keep him or her warm. As you probably all know piggies are not very good with drafts, and being all wet will not help...

7. Gently put the piggie back into one of the tubs and rinse out as much of the shampoo. As I said before if the pig starts to panic take him or her out, and put them on the towel, try to calm them down before putting them back.
My pigs usually feel more secure when I hold them, usually I let their front paws rest on my hand, using the other hand to pour water over them with the cup. For really panicky pigs, you'd better hold them firmly in place, or ask another person to help you, so one can hold and calm them down, and the other can do the washing and rinsing.

8. Once most of the shampoo has been washed out, your water will be full of shampoo so not very effective in getting the last bits of shampoo out. So I transfer them to the other tub/sink with shampoo-free warm water and use my cup or hands to get the last bits out of their furs.

9. Then you take them out again, put them on the towel and get a dry towel. I rub them sort of dry with the towel. You could also do this then use a blow dryer of maybe only use the blowdryer. I tend not to use the blowdryer as the noise would freak my pigs out.

10. Now comes the good part for the pigs and my boyfriend: I will wrap the pig up in the 'dry' towel, and give them to my boyfriend. He will take them upstairs (where their cage is) and lie on the couch with pig (or pigs) wrapped in towels and a nice warm fleece blanket. I guess this is not really necessary, but both boyfriend and pigs enjoy this! Also they need to be kept warm after having a bath as we don't want them to catch a cold or anything, and this a good way to keep them warmer while they dry.
In the pictures on the right you can see Lily and Chico wrapped in towels and a fleece blanket sharing a piece of chicory. On the picture on the left you might be able to spot 2 piggies, you can see my Boyfriends' head, and the cage in the background...

Woopy hiding in the hay
11. After that I put them back in the cage, and usually give them some extra hay to eat and snuggle in (hay provides more warmth).

12. Repeat for other piggies, and hand piggies to boyfriend for warming up and drying....

I really liked the vet sect repel, it smells okay, applies and foams pretty well (though it foamed a lot more on Daisy). In short it works well, and it made my two partly white girls more white, then the sort of yellowy white they were before the bath.
Also when the grease gland of your piggies is dirty and seems a bit hard, put on some dish wash liquid, leave it on a bit, then wash it out. That will usually clear it up, and many of my pigs will start pooing a lot after this gland is cleaned (coincidence?)

Our Lily was born on a sort of farm, where they had a big enclosure with run outside that could be moved around the grass. The run would allow them to be safe outside, and eat as much grass as they wanted. It seems Lily is pretty used to water, and it doesn't freak her out at all. First time we gave her a bath she was standing with her paws in the water and was like, 'hey, water...' and she started to drink it! We think living in the run, and being used to morning dew, helped her not to be afraid of the water.
My others, especially Woopy, are not that fond of the water. Woopy will scream as if we are mishandling her... Toby (Chico's old boar friend) was even worse and would panic so much, he would start turning himself over and almost drowning himself in the process...

So how do you bathe your pigs (do you bathe them)?
Do you have any tips to share?

Slave Mikey of the Guinygirlz and Agent Valentino