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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A New Bed for Ted

Regular readers may remember a few months ago a new addition joined the Piggypals a little ginger teddy guinea pig called Ted.

At first everything went well Ted was put in quarantine for 2 weeks and then after 2 weeks had passed and he was not ill he was allowed to join us big boys. Things were OK for a couple of weeks and then Ted decided he did not like Hugo in fact he really didn't like Hugo and some serious fighting broke out.

This meant that the humans had to seperate Ted us from us which also meant that Mummy had to make Ted some new bedding as he is only a baby she decided he would like Ladybirds you can see how his fleece looks below.

Ted now lives in a seperate cage next to us where he can see, smell and talk to us but not get at Hugo.

We do spend time in the same run in the garden as the grass provides a distraction for everyone but this is under strict human supervision and if it looks like problems may start Mummy or Daddy will remove either Ted or Hugo.

Me I get on with everypig!!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Guinea Pig Crop Circle

Us Piggies have been very busy now that the nice weather has finally arrived in the UK can you guess what we have been up to?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Candle Lighting 2018

On the 9th. March at 8 pm. members of the GPDD light candles in memory of the piggies who are at the Rainbow Bridge as well as other pets and humans who are, sadly, no longer with us.

We usually ask our eldest Piggyfriend to light our candles so here is our beloved Otto doing the honours.

Below is another photo in which you can see him with his best friend Niamh. She was our candle lighter last year as our Slave was away on holiday so it was down to our pigsitter to be our photographer and he picked Niamh as he knew that she would sit still and not set fire to her whiskers.

Finally here is a better view of our candles, which were rather obscured by our candle lighters.

If any of our readers lit candles and would like us to post their pigtures, please get in touch at the usual address ( see Contribute ).

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Piggy A-Z. F is for Fans

We hate the winter, when the grass struggles to grow and we have to be indoors all the time because it is too wet and cold so we are reminiscing today.

It does not get hot very often in England but we do have a few days when it is too warm for us ( and for Slave ) so we have lots of fans around the house to keep us all cool.

In the pig room ( Slave calls it her conservatory but there are nearly as many piggies in it as plants ) we have a ceiling fan as the roof is glass and it lets in too much heat. Here it is.

It is nice and quiet and is also our light at night.

We also have several floor fans and you can see one of them below.
The towels stop us being in a draught but the cool air can circulate. That is me, Louis Piggyfriend, eating from my bowl. Otto and Niamh live next door to me but they are behind the towel and you cannot see them.

Slave tells us that, on milder days, the grass is beginning to grow but that it is very muddy in the garden after the snow has melted and we have had a lot rain today but we all look forward to going out to pick our own grass in the summer.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Introducing Agent Jekyll

We have a new Agent to introduce today he has actually been Agent weight for a little while but we have been busy looking after Mummy so have not had time to post his update.

See if you can guess why Agent Jekyll has chosen that as his Agent name.

And now see if you can guess his real name here are your clues;

His name is the same as a famous brand of perfume
His name is the same as the surname as the writer of Les Miserables
His name is the same as an award for science fiction

Get guessing...

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Slave's Guinea Pig Mugs

We had a request from Eddie and Nugget with Slave Cindy for a photograph of Slave's Christmas present piggy mug. We omitted to include this in our post about her piggy gifts so we are remedying this right now.

Below you can see the new one complete with matching spoon.
She has a similar one made by the same company in which she stores her paint brushes. She does not want to use them for coffee in case they get chipped. You can see them both below.

These piggies also appear on cards and calendars in the UK and we expect that readers from here will have seen them in shops or may own them too.

Whilst we had the camera out, an intrepid piggy climbed onto a stool to take a photo of Slave's row of other mugs on a very high shelf in the pig room. We thought that we would share this photo too. Here they are.....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The last of the taste tests.

We have come to the last of the taste test " treats". This one is called "Fruit Garden" and it contains Apple, Banana and Rosehip. Now we did not expect this to go down too well as none of us like banana. Slave can only remember five Piggyfriends ever liking banana in the very many years that she has been taking in piggies.

Tyrion filled the dish ready for us to try. Here is a photo of it. The dark bits that you can see must be dried rosehips. We are not sure why they are there but fresh rosehips do contain vitamin C, which we get from the many fresh veggies that we eat.

Unsurprisingly Carter dived into the bowl. He chucked out all the banana and tried a few apple pieces.
Saoirse joined him, sniffed at the dish and left.

The Dangermice were undecided about this. Cosmo nibbled a little bit of the apple.....

......but Casper retreated into his pig cave and would have nothing to do with it.

This is as close as Fernando would get to the dish and Martin ran away.

" No thank you." says Otto as Slave tried to tempt him with some of the dried apple.
As no pig was enjoying this box of treats, Slave took pity on us and went and picked some apples from the garden. Here is Louis munching a piece of real fresh apple. "Yum yum".

We all want to thank Nature's Feast for sending us all this food to try out and we are sorry that we did not like the Treats but the bag of food was good. We think that the treat boxes may be more suited to hamsters. We are going to email Nature's Feast and tell them about our test in case they are not reading our blog.

Tyrion, Ivan and Magnus all say " This is the food that we love the best. GRASS!"

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trying out the treats continued.......

Next we tried the "Vegetable Patch" box. This contained dried carrot, parsnip and flaked peas. We all love flaked peas, which our Slave buys loose from the pet shop and sprinkles on our dishes of nibble.

As we were filling the dish, Slave noticed a sunflower seed in the mix and quickly whisked it out. It is said that seeds present a choking hazard for piggies. We never have them but better safe than sorry.

Louis tried it first as carrots are his absolute favourite veggie. You can see in this pigture how it looked from the start.
He ate some of the carrot flakes and started on the flaked peas. As we all wanted to try this treat, we moved the dish on to the next pen where Fernando had a few pieces but his brother, Martin, was not interested.
Next we gave the dish to Carter, Aoife and Saoirse.

Needless to say, Carter rushed over and had some of this treat and Aoife joined him. Carter says to please forgive the state of their pen but the housekeeper has not been round yet.

Some of us are not fond of carrot so not all the Piggyfriends joined in this taste test but Casper Dangermouse ( below ) had some.
Magnus was not sure about this although he likes carrots and his brother Ivan would not try it so he  is not in this pigture. ( below ).

By the time the dish had gone the rounds, not surprisingly all the flaked peas had gone. No pig wanted to eat the dried parsnip, which was very hard and we never eat parsnip anyway. We could not see the point in having dried carrot and much prefer having a nice fresh carrot pulled from Slave's vegetable garden.

All in all, this "treat" was better than the "Flower Garden" one but we would rather just have our usual flaked peas and fresh carrot.

We might give this 3 stars as some piggies, who are not so fortunate as to have a never ending supply of fresh carrots might like it.

The last treat box is called  "Fruit Garden" and we will be testing this soon so look out for our post.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Testing the new food......continued.

We have heard from a Slave on the GPDD called Chris, who has been trying out the new food and her four girls love it.

Today we have been trying out the "Nature's Feast Snack Selection", which has three different contents. First of all we opened the box called "Flower Garden". The next photo shows you what it looks like.

This is a mix of dried flowers, namely Marigold, Rose, Cornflower and Sunflower. Now, we eat flowers in our daily forage but Slave picks Vetch in season and that is our favourite. We also like Dandelion and Sow Thistle flowers but we always have them fresh. The instructions on the packet are to give out one teaspoon of snack per day but, as there are a lot of us, we decided to pass the dish around from pen to pen.

Now Carter will have a go at any new food and he rushed over to see what was in the dish. He sniffed at it and retreated. His girls did not get any nearer than you can see in this photo.

Fernando also came over to have a look. He did pick up a couple of flowers but dropped them back into the dish and went back to his cucumber.

The instructions on the packet suggest " Hand feeding snacks helps you bond with your pet." Now we could not be more bonded with our Slave but even this could not tempt us to eat these flowers.

"Sorry, Slave." says Niamh. " Even hand feeding will not tempt me to eat this. I am going to hide in this house."

" No thanks," says Otto, " but if you have any Vetch, that would go down a treat."

No pig was interested in this box but the label does say that it is for Rabbits and Hamsters too so maybe they would enjoy it. Sorry but we can't give this any stars. Tomorrow we are going to try another box and that may be more to our liking.

Slave tipped the dried flowers onto her basket of pot pourri.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Trying out the new food.

"We are going to try out the new bag of food today." announces Niamh Piggyfriend. " Tyrion has sorted out some dishes and we are going to put one in each pen and see who likes it."
Otto tries it first as he is senior pig. " This is yummy, Niamh!" " I tried it and I liked it too," says Niamh, " but you don't want to see my pigture every day."

Here is Louis tucking in. He had a lot of tooth problems when he came to Piggyfriends and is picky about food but he likes this. All Slaves should know that you must never suddenly change our feed  so you can see that Louis has a dish of his usual mix as well as did we all.

Carter is always to the fore when food is on offer and here he is enjoying the new nibble but his girls were not interested in it. "Come and try this!" he says between mouthfuls.

" We cannot let Carter eat it all," say Saoirse and Aoife. " Oh, it is really nice." they agree.
Fernando is enjoying it but his brother, Martin is camera shy. He did join in later but ran and hid when we tried to take a photo.

And here is Casper completing the taste test.

"We tried everypig with the new food," says Niamh," but we are sure that you do not want to see that many pigtures. Everypig enjoyed it and when we have completed our test of the treats, we are going to write to Kirk and tell him about it."

Look out for our next post when we test one of the treat boxes.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

We have a surprise parcel!

" Look guys!" calls Otto Piggyfriend. " The postman has brought this parcel and it is addressed to us!"
"See! It has our name on it. I wonder what is inside?" asks Otto as the Piggyfriends gather round to inspect the parcel.

"Let's open it" says Niamh. " I have the scissors." " Be careful with those Niamh," cautions Otto. "They are the ones that Slave uses to cut my hair and they are very sharp."

The Piggyfriends look on in amazement at all the goodies inside. "There is a letter from a nice man called Kirk, who works at Westland Horticultural." reads Niamh. " I've seen Slave using their compost. They are making food for small animals too now and this is a press release telling people all about their new products."

"There are boxes of treats with fruits, veggies and flowers." says Niamh. " We will all try these out and see which ones we like."

Niamh studies a care booklet that came in the package. " I am so pleased that they recommend that we eat grass and hay as those are our favourites. That is a nice photo of a piggy eating parsley." says Niamh.

" Let us try this bag of food first." suggests Niamh. " Go and round up some dishes and I will put some in each for us all to taste. Thank you Kirk."

The Piggyfriends will tell you about their taste testing in their next post.

Note to our readers. If you would like to know more about these foods, go to, where you can read all about them.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

B (Piggy A-Z): Introducing Agent Boo

Peaches has been on Agent weight (aka 1000 grammes / 1 kg) on and off during this year, but she has never been introduced as an agent. First time she reached Agent weight was already in march this year, and she went down in weight and reached agent weight again in April, June, July and November... So she as been going up and down, but it did not seem to affect her, and it never got really low, or high for that matter.

Anyway, she deserves an introduction as an Agent, as this has been long overdue, especially when looking at the first time she reached Agent weight.

So without much further ado I would like to introduce to you: Agent Boo!

Why Agent Boo? Well, I guess you are all not hardcore gamers, as I am also not, so it's a bit harder to explain. My boyfriend E referenced to Boo, the giant miniature space hamster, when talking about Peaches when we first got her. She was really hard to set up with the other piggies, as she would go from nice to psycho piggy in about a minute. Boo was the companion of a computer character (back in the old days) called Minsc in game the Baldur's Gate. Minsc would talk to Boo in the game, and shout things like 'Go for the eyes, Boo!' If you want to read more about Boo see this link.
Next to Peaches looking like a giant Hamster, the description Minsc would give Boo, did sound a bit like the ferocious Peaches we had at first.
Luckily nowadays Peaches a rather nice piggy, and she loves to cuddle with Roos, her biggest enemy at first.

Agent Boo, together with Agent Tortoise on the right

Hope you all have some lovely Christmas days,
p.s. You can still order the Undercover guinea pigs card game, the first have been send already. More info in this post. All proceeds will go to a guinea pig shelter somewhere in the world, which you can nominate and vote for yourselves

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Piggy Bathtime

Agent Minty reporting on Piggyfriends' Bathtime.
Most of us Piggyfriends, with a few exceptions, do not mind having a bath. Otto absolutely loves it. In these pigtures, you can see me with my friend Copper in the bath and wrapped in warm towels to dry afterwards.
Slave baths us all in pairs so that we have someone to chat with whilst the shampoo is working. She makes sure that the bathroom is nice and warm and then carries a pair of us upstairs in a box. She unscrews the shower head from its hose and gets the water to the right temperature. Then we are placed in the bath and she uses the hose to make us wet all over. Then she uses the Vet Sect Repel shampoo and works it up into a lather all over our coats and into our ears. If anypig has a messy grease gland, they have a blob of Swarfega applied to it.
Then we sit in the bath and wait for four minutes. We can explore the plughole, push the hose around or roll the shampoo bottle along. Then Slave switches the water on again and we have a thorough rinse. After that we are wrapped in warm towels and placed in a box to dry. She gives us something to nibble while we wait - usually some yummy cucumber slices.
While she is bathing the next pair of piggies, she will change our towels several times so that we keep getting dry ones. By the time that the second pair of piggies has been wrapped in their towels, we are ready for a rub with yet another warm towel. Our box is left by a radiator if it is winter so that we carry on drying but in the summer we are usually dry enough to go back into our pen with some nice fresh hay.
Sometimes we get our nails trimmed at this time.
The long haired piggies usually need to be finished off with the hairdryer on a low setting. They also have haircuts when in the bath as Slave finds it easier to do this with a wet coat.
Some of us get bathed more often than others. White coated piggies like myself get messier than the darker ones and the long haired ones need more attention than the short coated ones but Slave does all of us at some time. In our damp climate in England, fungal spores abound and this lovely shampoo keeps us free of this nasty problem as well as killing off any bugs that might be in our coats.