Thursday, July 6, 2017

We have a visitor.

It is far too hot for us to go out and send in reports so we are going to tell you about our visitor.

She is called Torty and she comes to stay with us when her human goes away on holiday. Unlike us, she is safe to be out in the hot weather and she is staying in a little pen on our lawn. Long time readers may have seen her before as she has been coming for many years. She is very old, even older than our Slave. We are somewhat concerned that she is eating OUR veggies but she is very slow and does not seem to need as much food as us piggies plus she does not eat grass so our favourite food is safe.

Here she is again enjoying some tomato. We could eat a whole one in the time it takes her to munch through this little piece but we do not need to worry about a tomato famine as there are lots more ripening in the greenhouse.

We do hope that normal summer weather will return soon as we would like to go out and pick our own grass but Slave takes her shears to work and brings us home lots of good stuff.

1 comment:

  1. We have been hearing about Torty for years so it's nice to see her at last. We have been having that weather that is better for reptiles and tomatoes than for people or piggies, too. I'm glad someone is enjoying it!