Monday, May 1, 2017

Saga of the Water Bottle

Some years ago Mummy switched our drinking water bottle from the standard plastic type with a twist of wire to hold them on the cage to a glass water bottle held in place by a spring.

Mummy switched for a couple of reasons 1) the glass water bottle is supposed to be more hygienic than plastic and 2) the twist of wire was a pain in the butt the spring is much easier.

For years we have had no problem with the glass bottles we used them quite happily until we wore the ball bearing down and they started to drip at which point Mummy would get us a new one.

This time when Mummy replaced our old bottle there was a problem, I normally drink a lot and Mummy will need to fill the water everyday this time however when she got up in the morning hardly any water had gone, Mummy flicked the ball bearing nothing happened so she kept flicking it for a while and eventually the water started coming, thinking we had just needed some help to get it started Mummy went off to work. When Mummy came home in the evening the water bottle was still too full so she tested it again, again nothing for a while until she got it going again. Mummy monitored it all evening and it became clear that there was an issue with the bottle getting blocked.

Mummy swapped the new bottle for our old leaky one (she figured it was better for us to have a leaky bottle than one that wouldn't let us drink) until she could get back to the pet shop to swap the bottle.

Mummy swapped the bottle for a new one came home attached it to the cage and...the same problem occurred. In our experience it is very rare for 2 bottles not to work so Mummy went off and read the packaging...apparently to make the bottles extra drip proof the makers have added another ball bearing into the tube, Mummy can only assume that this new 2 ball bearing design was working far too efficiently for us and that she would now be forced to find another make of bottle so back came the old dripping bottle.

Mummy had to go to another pet shop to find us a new bottle and this time she found one that actually works its called a Sippy bottle and we have no idea how it doesn't drip but it doesn't. The cage fixing is a bit awkward to use unless you attach the bottle the wrong way round. The lid is also not very secure so if the bottle falls off for some reason expect water to go everywhere. That said so far we are happy with this and Mummy actually likes it the only real problem it is plastic and not glass.

We now have 2 Sippy bottles the large one is fixed to the cage the "correct" way while the smaller one is fixed to the cage in what Mummy calls the sensible easy to use way also known officially as the wrong way. The correct way means you have to jam the bottle into to the bracket and pull it out when you want to refill it which Mummy thinks will weaken the bracket over time. Mummy's way means you just slide the bottle in and out along the groove in the bottle making life and hanging it anywhere in the cage much easier.

The water bottle was not the only new thing we got from the pet shop but you will have to wait for our next post to find out what else we got...

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  1. Ow, wow, we've had the exact same problems with all of these bottles. We had an additional problem with the glass bottle: after no water coming out of it, E cleaned the bottle spout, and refilled it and put it back in the cage. In the morning the complete bottle had emptied out in the cage.... now it is back in, but we can't seem to get much water out.
    We have been on the sippy for quite some time. Mum thought one of the sippy bottles was leaking and replaced it, but it turned out we just really prefer to drink from that bottle
    Guinygirlz Raani, Cookie and boar Bérke