Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Saga of the Water Bottle Part 2

We did mention at the end of the last post that when Mummy went to a different pet shop to find our new water bottle she also bought something else home for us and that was...Hugo!!

Yep there is another new addition to the Piggypals, so why did she bring Hugo home?

When she was at the pet shop Mummy couldn't help but have a look at the pigs they had for sale and in a big cage all by himself was this little mite

As Mummy and Daddy couldn't stand seeing a little piggy all alone they asked the pet shop if it was a boy or a girl, turns out he was a boy so he came home with them.

The pet shop told Mummy he was 12 weeks old but he was so tiny Mummy didn't believe them, when she weighed him he was only 363g so she has guesstimated his age at 7-8 weeks and not 12.

Hugo had to be kept in quarantine for 2 weeks in case he had any nasty germs that he could give to us.

His 2 week quarantine has now passed and if you want to know how introductions went then you will have to wait for the next post, in the meantime here are some more pigtures of Hugo. Note he looks different depending which side of him you look at and he was small enough to fit in the palm of Mummy's hand.


  1. Welcome sweet little Hugo! What a dear little fellow and how lucky you were to be "rescued" from that pet shop to become a Piggypal. You are going to love your new home and we hope to read all about your adventures.

  2. A little crested boy, so cute. Welcome to your very special forever home.

    Dee, Josie and Callie.

  3. Welcome Hugo! You look adorable...

    Guinygirlz Raani, Cookie and boar Bérke

  4. Oh! Hugo is so adorable! He was meant to become part of your family. Happy life, Hugo!!!

  5. Hugo is so adorable! I keep looking at that sweet little face! I'm so glad you have made him your family! Enjoy!!!