Sunday, April 2, 2017

I am Officially 5

As we don't know my actual birthday as I was adopted mummy decided as a best guess that the 1st of April would be my official birthday so I am now officially 5 years young.

Here are some pigtures of me enjoying my present I did share with Rodney but as you can see he is camera shy.


  1. Happy Birthday Jim! We can just see Rodney in your pigtures. Tell him that he needs to come out of hiding so that we can all admire him.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet boy Jim

  3. Happy Birthday Jim! Looks like it was a yummy present.

  4. Pat and the Prairie Pigs07 April, 2017 20:37

    It looks as if you had a fine birthday!

    And you are a very good big brother, protecting poor Rodney from the paparazzi. Maybe someday he will be as brave as you are!