Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mummy Made Us New Bedding

As I have a new friend Mummy decided it was time for us to have some new bedding, so she ordered some very pretty fleece and some new towels, she then dug out the sewing machine. As this point Daddy ran and hid as he said if the sewing doesn't go well Mummy turns into a monster....

As we can only email a certain amount of pigtures to the blog in one go this is a speed how to.

First step Mummy measured the cage and then folded the towel to the correct size, she likes a double towel area for under the water bottle and our favourite sleeping spots. Mummy then pinned where the towel was folded and sewed the folded edges together.

Step 2 Mummy put the sewed towel on top of the fleece and then cut the fleece to size allowing an overlap on the back side of the towel.

Step 3 the fleece was pinned in place and the sewed into place making a complete fleece square. Mummy doesn't cover the whole back of the towel with fleece as the light coloured towel allows her to see if there is any blood showing in our pee, it also makes cleaning the pad easier before it goes in the machine, hay sticks less well in towel than in fleece.

A completed fleece bedding square.

Before we are allowed to test the bedding out it has to be washed, this is because fleece doesn't let pee through until it has been washed, we have no idea why this is. Another thing to note is not to use fabric conditioner as this causes towels to stop absorbing pee again no idea why.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A New Friend For Me

This is Agent F1 reporting, as you will know I recently lost my friend Agent Barbie as I was looking very sad and lonely Mummy and daddy decided I would need a new friend quickly.

They looked on local rescue sites but there were no single boys available :(

They then looked at preloved to see if there were any piggies needing a new home, sadly there were lots.

When Barbie crossed the rainbow bridge Mummy said she didn't want another yellow pig as all 3 of her yellow piggies had developed bladder issues. Daddy then asked her who would love the yellow ones if we didn't, who would pay their vet bills and nurse their bladder issues? So you guessed it my new friend is yellow.

When daddy first saw him he called him Rodney Mummy said we are not calling him Rodney so guess what my new friend is called Rodney.

Rodney looks like he could be the love child of all our previous yellow piggies, in terms of colouring he is most like Iron Hamster aka Hector, he has a crest like Agent F aka Fugly and he has longish hair like Barbie aka Hubert.

Rodney is approx 3.5-4 months old and as we are not sure whether he has any lurgies he has been kept in quarantine for 2 weeks. We have also both been given ivermectin for mites and panacur for worms.

Mummy has spent the weekend making new bedding for when we live together and we will make another post about this soon.

In the meantime I am waiting for next week when I can meet my new friend. Here are some pigtures of him.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Introducing Three New Piggyfriends

Hello readers! My name is Carter and I am a new Piggyfriend. I am a white and silver agouti boar.

I was dumped on someone's doorstep in a cardboard box and was taken to Palace Piggies rescue. There were lots of piggies living there all waiting for new homes amongst whom were three little sisters. They were all on pregnancy watch as they had been visited by a boar who jumped into their pen at their previous home.

Luckily they proved not to be pregnant but one of them did not get on with her sisters, so she went to live with another boar and the others came to live with me. The nice ladies who run Palace Piggies said that the girls were keen on escaping and were not used to being picked up and they raced around the pen when my new Slave came to see us. I was a good boy and she picked me up for a cuddle. Then she managed to catch the girls.

She took us all home with her and we now live in a roomy corner pen. There are lots of other piggies here, some of whom also came from Palace Piggies.

Slave liked my name but decided to change that of my friends and here is a photo of Saoirse. Her name means freedom in Gaelic, which seemed appropriate as she was trying to get away when Slave came to see us.

And here is her sister, whom Slave has renamed Aoife. I can tell them apart as Saoirse has black patches over both eyes whereas Aoife only has a patch on one side. They are Abyssinians. Slave says that most Abbies are excitable.

Some of the piggies here have told me than I can be an Undercover Agent as I am a big, grown up piggy and I think that will be very exciting. My little friends are too skittish at the moment but I expect that they will calm down when they have been here for a while.

I actually have pink eyes but my friends eyes are black and Slave apologises for her poor photography. I don't know much about this but Slave says that she will take some better photos when they will sit still.

Here is a pigture of us all having some grass. Yum, yum!

Slave says that I should tell you how to pronounce their names. Aoife sounds like Eefa and Saoirse sounds more or less like Seersha. I am just going to call them my friends. I love having friends. Life is good.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Goodbye Agent Barbie

It is with a heavy heart that I writing to let you know that my blonde Princess friend Agent Barbie has crossed the rainbow bridge :(

Blog followers will know that back in early December he was diagnosed with bladder slush and a treatment regime was instigated to help him pass the sludge hopefully without the need for surgery, well it seemed to be working really well he would go for days with no blood in his urine (mummy had dip sticks to test it) he gained weight and was generally back to his happy little self and then it all went downhill suddenly.

Mummy said typically for one of her boys he chose the worst possible day to have a problem, New Years day.

On New Years eve Barbie was his usual self stealing the cucumber from me and running away with it however when Mummy got up on New Years day she was very concerned as Barbie was just sitting in a corner with crusty looking eyes and previous experience taught her this was not a good sign, she gave him his medicine and then put him on a plastic sheet to pee so she could test his urine, nothing happened, she waited some more, nothing, waited a bit more nothing, at this point she believed that some of the sludge may have moved and blocked his uretha blocking him from peeing as he had previously passed a couple of gritty blood clots after a car journey to the vet she packed him up and took him for a little drive to see if anything would work loose, nothing.

Mummy called the emergency vet (being a bank holiday and a Sunday our piggy savvy vet was not around) and they went straight off. The vet tried massaging his bladder to make him pee, nothing, she then felt him all over and reported that his abdomen felt very full and that both kidneys were enlarged she agreed with Mummy's assessment that he had a blockage somewhere and that it would be kinder to let him go. Mummy and Daddy agreed and Barbie was helped over the rainbow bridge he was a month shy of his third birthday.

Goodbye Barbie we all miss you but we are glad that bladder problems will no longer trouble you.

Here are some of our favourite pigtures of the blonde Princess:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy Holidays from Apollo, Dmitri, and Dante Wigglebottom!

Wheeee hope everyone and everypig had a wonderful holiday! Here are some of our photos from Christmas and New Year's!

Look what the postman brought at Christmas!

This package arrived for Slave all the way from the U.S.

When she opened it, out popped this big fat plush piggy. He is a gift from her son, who used to help take care of the Piggyfriends before he moved to the U.S.

Look below and you can see that he is even bigger than Magnus!

We love his heart shaped nose.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Agent reporting for duty...

Raani has reached agent weight, she is now 10 months old and a 1000 grammes (= 1 kilo)!

She is reporting for duty as Agent Queenie.
Why Queenie you might ask? You might remember how she got her name.
Her slaves really like Rex (and US teddy, so the (shorter) fuzzy haired) piggies, after Roos left us, they realized they no longer had a rex or US teddy pig left, so the quest for a new fuzzy began!
Rex is latin for King, but as Raani is a girl piggy we thought Queen would be more fitting. Slave Mikey started searching for translations of Queen in different languages and the word Raani means Queen in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and so on.... So her name literally means queen in quite some languages. It can be spelled differently in these languages.

A photo posted by Mieke (@pandameisje) on

She has lovely little paws, which make her look very regal. But don't be fooled, she can be really fast, giving her slaves a hard time when they want to catch her for a check up. Slaves considered giving her a racing name for a while, like lightning mcQueenie (after that red car from the Disney movie) or mad Max after that young Dutch formula 1 driver Max Verstappen...

The guinygirlz Tijger, agent Queenie (aka Raani), and agent brave sir Robin (aka boar BĂ©rke)