Sunday, January 24, 2016

Piggy A-Z B is for Beans

Beans are our favourite fresh food we just love them, so we were very pleased when Mummy gave us some today. We were so pleased we just grabbed them and ran off wheeking with no thought about how that might ruin pigtures wol.

Here you can just about see us eating green beans as well as some out take pigtures.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday video: Agents and the CTU - Cavia Training Unit

We found this video of unknown agents to us, going through the Cavia Training Unit...
We got our own version with a shoebox and chopsticks... not impressed so far.. why go in between the sticks when you can throw it up to go underneath the sticks?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Piggy A-Z B is for Broccoli

Broccoli was Ghost's favourite food however he was only allowed it occasionally as it can cause gas and Ghost suffered from bloat.

Broccoli is not our favourite however it is a good source of vitamin C and makes up part of our balanced diet.

Here we are enjoying some broccoli as you can see Barbie was not very keen on it

Do you like Broccoli?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bosworth visits the vet. BEWARE GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Agent Plantagenet reporting.

You wouldn't know it from this pigture but I had a nasty looking cyst develop on my back just above my grease gland.

Our wonderful Rodentologists have retired and moved away so our Slave took us to see Lyn from Palace Piggies rescue, who has completed the CCT Rodentology course. She decided that my cyst needed to be excised by a vet so we came home again and our Slave made an appointment for me to see Etienne, our lovely vet.

We parked right outside the vet's office and went inside. Rafferty, my best friend, came with me for moral support.

Here we are on the vet's table, hiding in our box of hay. Etienne poked about at my cyst and told Slave that I would have to be sedated for him to remove it. Slave was very worried as she is paranoid about anaesthetics. Etienne was going home to Belgium for a few days at Christmas but as soon as he was back at work, Slave took me in for my operation. He is the only vet in the practice that sees guinea pigs. The others always refer piggies to him as he is a piggy expert.

When she called the vet in the afternoon, the nice nurse said that I was awake and eating hay and could come home straight away. Slave was very relieved and she and her son, our pigsitter, who was staying with us over Christmas came to fetch me home asap.

Below is a pigture of my incision, all sewn up. It doesn't look very nice so don't look if you are squeamish. I couldn't see it but Slave took this pigture. Eeek! I am bald!

I had to be kept on my own in case Rafferty chewed at the stitches and she had to watch that I didn't either. We didn't like this at all and moped so much that Slave put us back together, telling us to be good boars, which we were.

We went back to the vets on Monday for Etienne to remove the stitches but there was still a bit of scab left so he said that we should leave it for a few days and go back this Saturday. My coat is growing back already.

He said that he had never seen a cyst like mine before and looked through all his piggy reference books so that Slave could take a photo to show you. He could not find one so drew a picture instead. He laughed when Slave took a photo of his drawing. Here it is. He is a much better vet than artist!

He said that the cyst was like a honeycomb with each tiny sac filled with pus. It would have been possible to remove the pus from each little sac individually but it was easier to remove the whole thing.

He always used to say that Slave should write a book about guinea pig care but was happy when she said that she contributes to this blog instead.

We have just been to see the vet again and although he was able to remove 4 of my stitches, he decided that we should wait another week to have the rest taken out as there is still quite a large scab.

Here is a pigture of my progress. It does not look very nice but it is only a scab over what our vet said was quite a large hole.

As you can see my coat is growing back over my bald patch. I have to go back to see the vet again next week, when he hopes that the remainder of my stitches can be removed but I thought that I would post this and maybe post another pigture later on when I am all mended. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Real beetroot...

After seeing that jar of pickled beetroot that no piggy eats, mom remembered we still had a tiny supposed beetroot in the garden. So up I went with my little piggy cam to take a pic of it. It is really small and mom checked for me there is not really a beetroot in the ground attached to it... but it definitely seems more edible than that pickled beetroot!
Signing off,
Agent Bouncy Ball

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Piggy A-Z. B is for Beetroot

Many of the Piggyfriends enjoy beetroot, both the leaves and the root and Slave grows these in the garden for us in the summer.
"Hey, Slave, this is not the sort of beetroot that piggies should have!!" says Susie aka Agent Gemini. " We must only have raw veggies!"

We think that Slave knows this but we are moving on to C in our A-Z next week and this jar of pickled beet was all that she had. She took it from the larder for the humans' salad tonight and thought that it would make a nice photo before they ate it all.

If you feed your piggies beetroot be aware that it will turn our urine bright red - just like it does with humans - so don't be alarmed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year!

This is a little late but Agent Yougie would like to wish everypig a Happy New Year!

Piggy A-Z B is for Bubbles

Bubbles was the first piggy to capture the hearts of mummy and daddy, he was a little tort and white with a big attitude.

Bubbles never made it to LAPS size his top weight was only 850g

Bubbles loved the human especially mummy and was always ready for a cuddle, he also loved to explore and would often get into places banned by the humans.

Bubbles was the humans longest living piggy he even beat Agent Ghost and made it to a very respectable 6 years and 7 months.

Now the bit you have all been waiting for pigtures

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday video: Presents!

Okay, we know christmas isn't until almost a whole year.
And that the yuletide is over again,
but this is a cute video of piggies
getting their christmas presents...
You always like to watch piggies, right?

We hope you still enjoy this video we found, even though the holiday season is over already...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Double B, for the piggy A-Z: Agent Brave sir Robin aka Bérke

Hi there,

Today we have a double B for our Piggy A-Z: our agent Brave sir Robin, also known as Bérke.

Bérke came to join the guinygirlz herd after our Lily left us. The guinygirlz and their slave Mikey had quite some fun looking at the website of the shelter they would visit to find a new friend. The Kuufke shelter in the south of the Netherlands has all their piggies that are up for adoption on their website with a pigture and a little info about them. They already knew quite some weeks before hand that they would go to the shelter, but that also meant they saw quite some nice piggies pass by that were already adopted by the time they got to visit t Kuufke.
Bérke was definetly Mikey's favorite from the pigtures on the site. Our cousins from auntie Janneke also visited the shelter the same day and they arrived before we did. They got to date Bérke first! Mom was rather worried they would get along, leaving us to find another friend... but apparently none of them were interested in each other Phew. Bérke and the guinygirlz at that time (Daisy, Roos and Woopy) did seem to like each other. Woopy was already quite old at that time, so mom worried a bit the excitement would not be good for her. But she seemed fine with him and just was staying calm and relaxed on meeting him. Daisy however was a it more feisty, she probably already took over the role of boss piggy at that time without us realizing that, but Bérke seemed to like that.

Bérke is also featuring in the card game we made.

As you might be able to see, he looks quite a lot like one of our slaves first piggies: Guiny. She joined Lotje a nice happy redhead as a little piggy. She soon became boss and ruled the cage. She often seemed to need to determine with dad who was boss, she always found she should be the boss of them, but she never won from the human. Slaves would say she was a boar in a sows skin, sometimes we wonder if Bérke is Guiny's reincarnatio and she did really get back as a boar ;)

So if you are still interested in getting an undercover guinea pigs card game, you can still order them! They are 12,50 euro each, plus shipping costs. The good thing is they fit in an envelope easily, which means shipping is not that expensive. Sending a game to the US is 3,45 euro. For current exchange rates google ' eur in usd' for example ' 12.50 eur in usd' and google will tell you what it would cost in us dollars. Mikey likes to use paypal for the payments. If you have no paypal account, we think you can do a one time payment without having to get an account.
If you want to order on or more games, please fill out the form here.
Also know that once the first batch is sold, the proceeds will be donated to a guinea pig shelter somewhere in the world. You can nominate a shelter and that we will vote on a shelter to determine which one gets the proceeds... We hope you will join in the fun!

The Guinygirlz and Boar Bérke