Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallowe'en to all our Readers!

Otto Piggyfriend here ( aka Agent Mystery ). On behalf of all the Piggyfriends, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe Hallowe'en. We hope that you all get lots of treats - tricks are not necessary. More treats please Slave!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Spooky Halloween themed Friday video

We tried to find a creepy halloween-themed friday video...
Not sure we succeeded, let us know if you found any better ones;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Announcing New Piggypals Spokespig

As you are aware our previous spokespig Ghost recently crossed the rainbow Bridge so using a fair and democratic process (I am the oldest and heaviest) it has been decided that I Agent F1 will be the new spokespig.

Here's what you need to know about me;

My agent name is F1 as I have a white racing chevron marking over my shoulder.

My real name is Jim after James T Kirk in Star Trek

I am a ridge back although not pure.

I was adopted December 2012 when I was approx 8 months old

Apparently I was nasty to other pigs according to pet shop but that was not true I do however like to give the humans an odd nip earning me the affectionate nickname psycho pig.

I will stand on my back legs and beg for food the humans think this is super cute I have also been known in times of desperate hunger to kiss the humans in the hope food will appear.

I will take over reporting on the building updates.

Here I am looking gorgeous.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Abyssinians & A piggy A-Z: Tijger has abbytude!


My name is Tijger (Tiger in Dutch) and I am an Abyssinian, so I fall in the A category. My mum and dad say I have 'Abbytude'. I am not sure what that is but it sounds cool, huh? I guess it means I am usually a very present piggy, curious and interested and I know what I wants.

If there are more abyssinians out there please join in! We need at least two more for the Go fish! game mummy is planning to make. Did she already tell you about this!?

Okay here's the plan:
As many of you know me mum used to gather pigtures and create a calendar of it every year. She wanted to try something else, and she also likes that near the end of the year they could sell the calendars and the profit that was made on this was sent to a guinea pig shelter somewhere in the world. A have never lived in a shelter, but I know my friends Peaches and Berke come from a shelter, and eventhough they were taken good care of in the shelter, they do really enjoy living with me now in their forever home! As many piggies are abandoned, money is always needed for these shelters.
This 'something else' turned into a Go Fish! card game, if you do not know the game, have a look here. We call it Kwartet in dutch (kwart meaning one/fourth), and the goal is to gather the most 'kwartets', which are 4 cards on a certain topic.
Up until now we have gotten a lot of entries for our go fish game, and Mom thinks we are ready to make a game... some quartets (see the Kwartet link above) might not be complete yet. We will let you know soon, if we need more and if you have a nice piggie pigture in one of the catagories needed send them in. Otherwise Auntie Penny (and maybe Stef or Jean) have owned so many piggies, I am sure we can complete the sets with their help.. ;)
We will order the Go fish/Kwartet games once we can make complete sets, and then they can be ordered with my slave. Like with the calendar she will make a form for you to sign up.
Once we have a nice profit I will ask you to nominate shelters and there will be a poll up on the blog to vote on your shelter.

Mum however has no clue how many games to order, so if you already know that you would like one, please comment below. Of course if it turns out you cannot get one in the end that is okay, but it would be nice to have some kind a indication how many people are interested...

We would like to have the games ready and send to their owners before christmas, so keep an eye out for posts about this if you are interested!

Nice to meet you all, I am nearing Agent weight (1 kilogram), so hopefully I can reveal my agent name soon,
Tijger of the Guinygirlz (Roos & Peaches and boar Berke)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Piggy A-Z - A is for Audrey

This story was sent to us by our reader Pat, Slave to the Prairie Pigs..........

These girls are Audrey ("A" for Audrey) and Doris, both long gone to the Bridge now, but years ago they were my third and fourth guinea pigs ever. Like many animals who have been through hard times together, they were absolutely devoted to each other.

And these two had definitely been through hard times. They ended up at my local SPCA shelter as part of an animal abuse case. Some horrible people had decided to "get rich quick" breeding rabbits in their garage, and things had gotten seriously out of hand. The poor rabbits were in terrible shape by the time the SPCA was alerted by the neighbours and many did not survive, but in the midst of this horror was a tiny cage with two guinea pigs in it. (Apparently, they were intended to be the beginning of a guinea pig breeding operation, but since they were both girls, that part of the "business" was not going well.)

They had to stay at the shelter for several months while the court case proceeded, but afterwards one of the shelter staff who had seen me coming in with donations of hay and pellets decided I would be the perfect pig parent for these two. I had only had my first two piggies, Daphne and Guinevere, less than a year and wasn't really intending to expand, but you couldn't hear Audrey and Doris' story without wanting to make sure the rest of their life was good, so they came home with me.

At first glance, Audrey seemed to be quiet and shy, but I soon realized she was the boss of the pair. When it was floor time, Doris was not allowed to leave the cage until Audrey left, and if Doris got impatient and tried to sneak out ahead, Audrey would herd her back in and make her stand in the corner until she apologized and admitted she had been wrong. Doris was much braver and more outgoing where people were concerned, but Audrey was definitely the talker. She had a distinctive and piercing voice and a very large vocabulary; she was my introduction into the wondrous diversity and creativity of piggy language, and was always the first to sound off if she heard a refrigerator door opening or me getting out of bed in the morning.

That has become one of my favourite things about pig-keeping --- listening to them talking to each other or giving me orders. I think people who have only one or two piggies are really missing out, because they never get to hear all the vocal variations you get with your own little herd.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Ghost aka Spooky

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let all our friends know that the Piggypals spokespig Agent Ghost (Spooky) had to be helped over the rainbow Bridge on Wednesday.

Spooky had just celebrated his 6.5 years birthday on the 1st of October he enjoyed the treats the humans got him especially the new tube which he would empty of hay and proceed to sleep in for hours.

As a young pig Spooky had various health issues and more than once the humans thought he was a goner the worst thing being a bad case of bloat but mummy got him through and he proceeded to become a LAPS piggy. He developed arthritis at about 3 years old and was lucky to be one of the piggies for whom potter's tabritis tablets worked, once he started his meds it was impossible to tell he had a problem.

Spooky had been sleeping a lot and not really moving much which meant he needed regular baths to keep him clean, in the last few days he had been sitting hunched up in pain and the pain killers mummy gave him didn't seem to have any effect and so the humans decided it would be kinder to him to help him cross the bridge where he can run with his friends pain free.

Spooky was a friendly piggy welcoming each new addition to the Piggypals into his home and his heart. He loved a good cuddle with the humans often sleeping on mummy for over 30 minutes. Mummy says he was very good at Bath Time and he loved the syringe no matter what it contained.  Mummy called him her gentle giant and grandpa pig as he was like a grandpa to us younger boars.

Spooky is now reunited with his beloved Woopy as well as his friends Fugly and Hector and many more virtual friends who had crossed before.

We have too many good memories of Spooky to share them all instead we have added some pigtures of him doing his favourite things but before that we are allowing Mummy to say a few words...

Goodbye my gentle giant Mummy misses you and still looks for you in the tube be happy and pain free xxxx

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday video: Piggie city dwellers

We liked this video, because it depicts the day in the life of a human, ehm Guinea pig...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update from Piggypals HQ #6

Well we finally have a complete room turns out the boxes were a table and chairs and not anything for us boo

The humans hope to be able to afford a proper sofa soon we are ok wol

A Piggies Reporting - Astrid & Hershey

Hello fellow piggies and piggy-slaves!

I'm Astrid, an Abyssinian, also an A-pig twice over like the gorgeous Angelina!  

This is my baby picture when slaves brought me home from the rescue at just 23 days old.  Aren't I cute? I am much heftier now - that's for sure! 

And these are two of my A-pig friends, lovely Agoutis Jaina & Hershey.  

This is my nanny-pig, Jaina.  She is known in these parts as Agent Peanut and, sadly, she passed away a few weeks ago.  We miss her a lot, but my other agouti friend Hershey keeps me company. Our piggy-dad has a weak spot for agoutis! 

This is me & Hershey celebrating our birthdays last November - I turned 1 and Hershey turned 3.  We look forward to celebrating our 2nd and 4th birthdays coming up in just a few weeks! 

Neither one of us believes in showing off our bellies, no matter how much the slaves beg us, but Hershey has a lovely burnt orange tummy.  It's just too gorgeous for the average viewer to handle, so we'll leave it that and protect you! 

We look forward to seeing other A-pig friends and others through the alphabet.  What a fun game! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Piggy A-Z. A for Agouti.

We thought that we would start an A-Z of all things piggy and we want you all to join in.

I am ANGELINA Piggyfriend and I am an AGOUTI  so I am an "A" twice over!

Agoutis come in many colours but we all have a different colour underneath. ( Our Slave likes this pigture as it shows how round I am ). Our coat is ticked whereby the end of the hair is a different colour to the underneath. We look more like the original piggies that came from South America hundreds of years ago.

Do you have a piggy whose name begins with an A or do you have an ABYSSINIAN, an ALPACA or an AGOUTI?  If so, we would love you to contribute a pigture and a little story too if you wish.

Just look for the word Contribute at the top of our page ( under the photo of our esteemed leader ) and follow the instructions. It is so easy and we'd love to see you.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Video: Hamster Jazz Band

Take note egg card, you should have kept with the guinea pig adverts who wants to see dolphins, keep it small and furry!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Update from Piggypals HQ #5

Well our living room is beginning to look like a living room again all it needs is flooring.

2 big mysterious packages have also appeared we hope they are something for us

PS is this the biggest window you have seen? It's one solid pane of glass. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Fuzzypeg before and after

When we posted pigtures of Alpacas the other week, Pat and the Prairie Pigs commented about the pigtures of Fuzzypeg before and after, which we shared with the readers of the GPDD at the time.

Some of you reading this now might not have seen these so we thought that we would show them again.

Fuzzypeg came to us from a home where the slave did not know how to care for long haired piggies. He came with Gandalf, whom you will have seen on this blog and he is a Coronet and was not in such bad shape as Fuzzypeg. He just needed a haircut round the back and had his nails clipped

Fuzzypeg's coat was totally matted and full of bits of hay so a lot had to be removed. As Pat said, there was enough taken off to knit a couple of guinea pigs.

Here you can see a whole bagful of surplus hair - as big again as Fuzzypeg himself.
Then he had a shampoo and had his curly nails cut. Here he is drying off.
And here he is enjoying a snack after all that pampering. As you can see he still has some of his curly coat left but minus the mats and tangles.

Moral of this tale is that if you own a long haired piggy, keep up with the hairdressing. Of course, if you are reading this blog, you already know that!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

My 6 Years 6 Months Birthday

Like a good boy I am sharing my presents.

New tube for once Mummy remembered we are boys and got a blue tube.

Hanging willow basket this has been stuffed with hay and once we finish the hay we can eat the basket.

Hanging hay and marigold ring yummy

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Video; This is a Merino Guinea Pig

Or is it really a cute ball of fluff?

In other news I am now 6 years and 6 months old go me!!