Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chaos at Piggyfriends. Episode 7. Progress at last!

Gandalf says to Tyrion,
" There has been a lot of noise outside today.
When we have finished this snack,
let's go and see what has been 

" Ooh look, Gandalf!" exclaims Tyrion.
" There are walls now and the windows
 have glass in them. "
 " It looks a lot more like a proper room
now," replies Gandalf.

Just then a van pulls up and piles of mysterious flat boxes begin to be unloaded so the boys run back to their temporary accommodation before they are seen and tell the other piggies what they have discovered.
The next day Dorian and Rafferty 
take their turn exploring.

" Those boxes were full of tiles," says Dorian, 
" and now they are on the floor."
" They are very grey and dusty," says Dorian,
 " but they make good camouflage for me! "
" They look black in Slave's catalogue."
replies Rafferty. "I'll be able to hide
amongst them when they are cleaned  up."
The piggies hear another vehicle pull up outside
and sneak around the garage to see
 what is happening. They hide behind Slave's car
and see that a skip has been delivered.
 " Slave will be so pleased to see
all the debris being taken away." they all think.

To be continued............

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Piggy Spotting In London

First of all a quick update...

We are still currently living in a flat with no garden **grumble grumble** however the humans have promised us that they are buying a bungalow with a small lawn just the right size for piggies to mow **hurray** the problem is they are waiting to exchange contracts (we thought contracts were bits of paper you ate not something to barter with!!) Hopefully if all goes well we should see our new garden the end of October (touchwood)

Now onto the main story...

Mummy decided she wanted to go to London to see the Poppies at the Tower of London for those of you who don't know about this the story behind the Poppies can be found here

Anyway Mummy went to London on the train not planning to see any piggies only Poppies she walked all the way round the outside of the Tower taking lots of photos of the poppies in the moat her favourite photo is this one

 photo IMAG0104_zpsveovnvq6.jpg

When she had finally finished with the poppies she was walking along the river back to the train station when she spotted some goats intrigued she walked over to see what was going on, it turns out Vauxhall city farm had bought some animals along for a fayre and among them were 2 guinea pigs so of course Mummy had to take a pigture

 photo IMAG0113_zpsbgq64wvu.jpg

Mummy went home and told Daddy how surprised she was to have seen guinea pigs in central London and he casually said "well you know Peter Gurney used to take them there" go Daddy WOL

Mummy has said she would recommend everyone who can go should go and see the poppies this is a once in a life time event and is a great tribute to all those humans who lost their lives in the first world war. Has anyone elses humans been?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chaos at Piggyfriends. Episode 6. Strange things are delivered.

Garnet looks out of the window and says.........

" Hey gang! I can see a big van parked outside."
The piggies all rush to join Garnet and see a man carrying
pieces of........"What is that stuff?" they all wonder.

" Our garden is full of windows and bits of metal.
What is it all for? " they ask each other.

"Let's all have some lunch and a nap," says Garnet.
"Yes," says Petunia, " then we can go and see
what is happening outside."

" Are you coming, Angelina?" they all ask.
" No thanks," she replies. " I'm still getting dry."
The rest of the Piggyfriends run off.
" Phew!" thinks Angelina.
" I avoided going outside again."
When they all sneak outside ( minus Angelina )
they see what all the strange things are for.
" Wow!" they exclaim, " They are all parts of a new room."
" I hope that man doesn't fall off his ladder," says Garnet.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chaos at Piggyfriends Episode 5. Demolition!

"Hey, Rafferty," says Bosworth. "As soon as we are dry,
 shall we sneak outside and see what's going 
on with our pigroom? Hey Rafferty! Oi!  
Am I talking to the right end? I don't know. 
You are as bad as Agent Zeppelin!"

"Look, Bosworth," says Rafferty. "There are men on our roof!
What are they doing there?" " Ooh look! I can see the reflection
 of Slave's greenhouse in the window." says Bosworth.

" Those men might see our reflection too, " say the boys,
" Let's hide behind that pile of bricks."

The boys peep out from behind the bricks and.........
" Help! The roof has gone," says Rafferty.
" And the windows too," replies Bosworth,
" and that radiator is not going to be much use anymore."
" The man is using his phone, Rafferty.
He won't see us if we creep back inside."

" Gather round and listen everypig," 
says Bosworth.
 " Our room has been demolished! " 
 Piggyfriend Chorus of " Oh, no!" 
" What shall we do." " Eeek!!"

"Calm down," says Bosworth,
" I am sure that Slave has all this in hand." least I hope so.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chaos at Piggyfriends. Episode 4. Susie and Max take a look.

" I have eaten a lot of cucumber, Angelina.I think that I need a nap.
You should have come with me," says Florence.
" I'm staying here." replies Angelina,
" It's much safer even if there is less cucumber."

" I am going to have a look at what is going on."
says Susie.
" Come with me, Max! I've packed a pignic basket. "
" I hope that there is enough for two." replies Max.
" The man has knocked down the whole wall!"
says Susie. " Look, Max,
I can see the tool shed outside."
" Surely Slave must know about this."
says Max.
" That could be why she moved our homes."

"Let's sneak outside and take a photo"
" Oh dear", says Max."Look at Slave's terrace.
Such a mess. Where are all of her plant pots?
Auntie Ann will be sad to see this pigture."

"Max! There's a big hole in this wall.
Let's go back inside and tell the other piggies
but we'll finish our pignic first."