Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Video: Secret Agent Guinea Pig

We are currently roaming the internets for secret agent videos. We found this awesome trailer of a non-existent movie (it ought to.. in our opinion)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Agent Pellets update!

       Hey guys! It's Agent Pellets, also known as Mo.

       Time for an update.No,my mom HAS NOT made us wear bow ties! Yay! Larry and my fur coats are getting way thicker! Because here in Colorado, it is almost winter! Tommorow is the first day of fall! We got to try our VERY FIRST leaf of Romain lettuce.

     How are you British and American piggies doing?

   Agent Pellets and Agent Shyness

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Announcement New Agents

Secret agent name: jaws
Why?: cause with my dark fur on the top of my head i look like a famous great white shark.
Where do i live: with my sisty (agent snowflake) in Reading, berks.
who do i live with?: with our owner, twin of mopsy bates.
Favourite food: spinach
Favourite hobby: trying to squeeze into the smallest spaces possible & hide.
Favourite toy: cardboard tubes.

Real name clues: a type of food popular in the UK and USA, in the UK its a bread based breakast food and in the USA its a sweet treat often featuring blueberries.

Secret agent name: snowflake
Why?: cause I'm beautifully snow white aaaaallllllll over
Where do you live: Reading berks with my sisty agent jaws and owner.
Favourite food: spinach
Favourite hobby: hopping around squeaking and jumping cause I'm mad as a box of frogs (so my owner says)
Favourite toy: my owners feet & legs. I like to nibble them and use them to stand on and watch telly. I LOVE telly!!!!!

Real name clues: her name is the same as a popular herb found in hay mixes from excel, there is even a famous novel and TV program where instead of grass the lawn is made from this herb.

Agents jaws and snowflake out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday Video: Secret Agent Coey

Yes yes.. we know, it's not friday, and we apologize. Our staff refused to turn on the computer because of silly excuses like weddings and work. And when she finally did turn on the computer, the silly thing needed a whole day (!?!) to download and install stuff.

To make up for it, we found a very handsome agent

Hope you had a nice Wheekend!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

#Olympigs; Fifty Yard Nap Agent Sheep

Agent Sheep shows us how to use your human as a bed, simple climb onto their shoulder and settle down.

Now who is going to do yard 35??

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Agent Report

Hey.Agent Pellets reporting here.First,can you give me a carrot?

*chew* *chew*

  Okay,now back to business. My Slave has been talking about dressing me and Agent Shyness up in neck bows.How do we get out of this? We will be embarrassed!  Help us! What should we do?! I know there are some (other) clever boars out there!

            Agent Pellets

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap - Agent 005

Here is our new Agent 005 napping what we think is the 36th. leg of the Fifty Yard Nap. We hope that somepig more numerate than we are will verify this.
Agent 005 came to us along with his friend, May, who missed out on her chance to be an Agent today as she was busy eating when Slave snapped this photo. She is very big and does a lot of that.
Agent 005's real name is based on the Latin for the number five, which is why he chose this pseudonym. GPDD readers may remember the two of them being introduced very recently. He loves his large ladyfriend, May, and Slave has not found anything that the two of them do not like to eat. They are both up at the wire every time there is the suggestion of food and we think that Agent 005 has grown a bit since they came home from the shelter.
We think that he looks a lot like our Agent Avatar but he has some little white patches.
From the Piggyfriends.

Monday, September 17, 2012

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap - Agents Wheeker & Lily'Explorer

Slave finally managed to take our pigture while sleeping, so here we are for the next two yards...
Napping together in our big mount of hay...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Agent Ghost has Arthritis

Iron Hamster here I am posting as Ghost is shy about sharing medical problems but he knows the more info we piggies have about what can go wrong the better we can train our humans to look after us.

So how did it all begin? Bank holiday weekend Friday night (Mummy says this is typical of us) Ghost suddenly stopped using his back right leg and was hopping about like a bunny.

Mummy and Daddy both felt his leg and compared it with the left Ghost showed no sign of pain and didnt even wheek when they moved his leg, it felt the same as the other so in case he had pulled it Mummy started him on childrens liquid nurofen 0.4ml twice a day.

By Sunday he was still not showing any improvement and still no pain (vets still closed) Mummy wondered if it could have been a stroke and following advise from Peter Gurney Health Pages for treating sudden paralysis she gave him Osteocare. This had no effect and Tuesday he was of to see the vet.

The vet could also not find a problem with his leg but gave Mummy metacam to give him 1ml a day (this was local vet as our piggy vet was on holiday)

The metacam didnt appear to help either so Saturday Ghost saw another vet who again could not find problem but who halved the dose of metacam to 0.5ml.

Monday no improvement but piggy vet back from holiday she took x-rays and found that Ghost has arthritis in both his back knees.

X-ray showing both legs

X-ray showing right knee the bits of white in and around the joint are the arthritic bone growths which are causing his problems walking.

X-ray showing left knee this is not so bad but still has arthritis present

The vet recommended keeping with the metacam as it can take a couple of weeks to work.

In addition to this and again recommended on the Peter Gurney Health Pages Mummy is giving 1/2 a Potters Tabritis tablet dissolved in about 2ml of water and syringed daily.

Ghost has been having his Potters Tabritis for 5 days now and already he is beginning to use his leg more naturally, Mummy will be stopping the pain killers as long term use can cause kidney and liver damage and Ghost doesnt appear to be in pain.

In addition to medication Mummy has made our cage all one level so that Ghost cant hurt his legs by jumping onto the shelf, when we have play time Mummy or Daddy have to lift Ghost in and out (I am still allowed to use ramp)

Thank you to the Piggyfriends for pointing us in the right direction with regards to medication.

Thank you to the Winkyteam who have advised getting a snuggle safe heat pad, Mummy will do this when the weather gets cooler as at the moment it is unusually warm here, and for the advise about not over using pain killers as you will just have to keep upping dose as resistance increases.

Thank you to the Misfits for the suggestion about swimming in warm water (Ghost absolutely refuses to do this, Mummy says you would think he was being murdered the fuss he makes)

Thank you to everyone who has given us advise and for anyone who would like to share their own experiences and advise please feel free to do do.

We will keep you updated with Ghosts progress.

PS thank you to the vet for the Oxbow Daily C vitamin tablets these are yummy!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Video: I am Maru

We had a very busy week, so we need an outlet. This little video with Marudoes just that. If you like loud guitars, turn op the volume! If you don't, turn it down (or out)

Have a nice wheekend!

p.s. Maru is quite a personality; check out his Youtube channel for more video's with this cat (without the music btw)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fifty Yard Nap: Sherlock

We enjoy the entries for the #Olympigs fifty yard nap so much! Thank you all! One can never have too few pigtures of sleeping pigs (new entries are still welcome)

Did you know that Iron Hamster got the idea for the fifty yard nap from Gandalf? (@im_still_hungry on twitter) He tweeted that he was going to do the fifty yard nap during the #Olympigs, after which the guiny girls asked him to explain himself. Hamster read that and made the beautiful video that was the first yard on this blog

"@im_still_hungry: @Guinygirlz Well, first you find a yard, sleep in it, and repeat for 49 more"

Our Bo happens to have THE biggest crush on Gandalf's roommate; Sherlock (@chewing_my_foot on twitter). So she asked him if he could send her a pigture of him doing the 50 yard nap. This is what he replied:

"@chewing_my_foot: @winkyteam Here's a pigture of me dreaming about Bo during my quilt nap next to Lady. :)"

Needless to say, Bo has been beaming for the last 2 days.. ah well.. piggy love.. ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fifty Yard Nap: Agents Acorn, Magician, Godiva and Pirate

Agent Acorn joins Agents Magician and Godiva in the synchronized pigloo napping event. 

 She then passed the baton to Pirate, who is participating flat on her tummy with her feet kicked out.

Who's next?

Fifty Yard Nap: Agent Cowgirl

This is also a new agent. We named her Agent Cowgirl as she has the same first name as a famous female sharpshooter whose surname is a tree.

Agent Cowgirl has been a misfit for a long long time.. We guess she just never realized she wasn't a Agent :) so it's about time! She is sleeping in her hut and wants to join in the dash.

She came to be a misfit on 5-12-08. She is actually born in 06. She is a old sassy gal. She has the crazy hair. She loves her chin scratched. She will lift her head way up so you keep scratch-in her chin! She is a sweet gal that lives with 4 other misfits. She originally came here with her cage mate Abigail (agent Bette Davis) who has passed on to the bridge. She loves her hay and loves to hang out in her hut:) she is not a boss pig at all. She is a sweet gal.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Video: Guinea Pig Tricks

Those Germans sure have some top notch #Olympigs. These two pigs have trained their lady to give them as much snacks as possible ;-)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap - Agent Butterloaf

Agent Butterloaf takes on lap 27! Agent Butterloaf is very good at being loafy but this is rare shot where his eyes are closed. Piggy dreams of carrots.

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap - Agents Gemini

Here is a pigture of the 25th. and 26th. legs of the Fifty yard Nap.
We are Agents Gemini. You will have seen us before when we proposed Palace Piggies Rescue as recipients of the Undercover Piggies Calendar prize but we were not actually Agents back then.
We apologise for our unkempt appearance in the pigture but we had been burrowing in the hay prior to our nap. We would have liked a brush first and a more appealing background but nothing stops Slave with her camera....sigh....
We are Piggyfriends, who are probably sisters and are never far apart hence we decided to share the Agent name of Gemini. Slave did not have the chance to give us more exotic names as we arrived here already named. Our names both begin with an S and are just ordinary English names both with five letters so we should not be too hard to guess.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#Olympigs 50 Yard Nap Agent Ripple

Agent Ripple covers the 24th Lap nearly half way there come on Agents

Saturday, September 1, 2012

#Olympigs - Fifty Yard Nap; Minty

After competing in both the Bar Biting and the Sow Gazing, I am ready for a nap. This is me, Agent Minty, napping the 23rd. leg.