Thursday, May 31, 2012

Internet memes: LOLpigz

Are you guys familiar with internet memes? In boring human explanation: it's a concept that spreads through the internet (source: wikipedia). It can be a video, a hyperlink, a picture etcetera. What usually happens is that someone makes or does something and that other people pick up this concept and create their own stuff with it. Then they share it online and this is how it becomes social and a part of popular culture. And hence an internet meme is born.

A famous example is the LOLcatz meme. LOLcatz are picture of cats with misspelled titles, and usually (intended to be) funny. Since everything here is guinea pig, we found some LOLpigz for you ;-)



p.s. J's favourite meme is 'Rickrolling'. Huh.. humans are so weird..
p.p.s. got some time to kill? Go to google images and search for LOLcatz + guinea pigs (or anything else that you can come up with). Share your favorite finds (links) in the comments below

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We had a haircut.

(Coco) I usually really enjoy getting my hair cut, but this time the stylist cut it too short. I'm seriously considering going to a different stylist. Seriously. Madonna wouldn't put up with this. Neither would lady Gaga.

Hey stylist! I'm ready for some pampering

I hate you!

(Sjeuf) I never liked getting a haircut. I do not get Coco with her silly talk about me-time and relaxing. I just bolt.

And don't try distracting me with veggies; I'm too clever for that!!

Scanning the perimeter. Coast is not clear

Okay.. I have a weak spot and the stylist somehow figured it out. I am a real sucker for cuddling. Now I'm almost bald, she looks like a Yeti

The eating does not imply forgiveness!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Iron Hamster

With all the excitement of Teach and Treat and being allowed out to mow the lawn all weekend we completely forgot to tell you that on Saturday Iron Hamster was a whole 2 years young.

Happy belated birthday Iron Hamster.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Video: the Guinea Pig Way

This week we have a classic as our Friday Video. Since most of you probably know Bing and his Guinea Pig Way, we'd like to ask you to get off your furry behind and DANCE!!!

It's almost wheekend so a little exercise will help you to get through the rest of this friday. Feel free to insert popcorns ;-)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Suus and Dunya's citytrip: The Hague - Part 1

This is a little story me (Mieke) and my sister Janneke made a couple of years ago.
I thought it would be nice to share something from the 'days of Yore'...

Suus and Dunya visit the Hague in the Netherlands

Suus and Dunya were nibbling on some nice basil leaves.
'Hmm, it sure is sunny outside, shall we go sightseeing in The Hague?' asked Suus.
'That's a great idea!, I'm already wearing my sunglasses', replied Dunya.

So the girls went to the Tram Stop.
Suus was eagerly waiting for the tram to arrive

'Suus, hurry up the tram is coming!!'
They both climbed aboard, and travelled to the city centre of the beautiful city of The Hague.

When they got out at the city centre's train station, the two little pigs sat down on a bench.
'WOW!! Look at all those bikes!!!' Dunya yelled.
'Those Dutchies must be very environmentallerly friendly...;-)'

They named a street after Princess Snowflake, I knew she was famous!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ghost is Working Undercover...

as a chicken!!

What a lovely nest you have made Ghost...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Video: Undercover Kitten

This kitten has a very nice camouflage technique, and he mixes it up with some extreme snuggling. Bet the humans are racing towards the fridge when they see that.

Well done kitten, well done ;-)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vote for these Piggies

Some piggies from a forum we visit have entered into the Morrisons Small Pet Cuteness Competition if they win the years supply of food they have both decided that they will donate it to various rescues, you can vote for both of them.

How to vote - under the pigture and description are 5 stars just highlight however many stars you think the piggies deserve.



We think you will agree they are both very handsome boys.

Monday, May 14, 2012

We Have a Space Station

ok it might only look like a cardboard box and chube joined together but we like playing space stations.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Video: to the Guinea Cycle!

Dr. Trouble has done it again! This time he has stolen the guinea mobile, so the girls head to the guinea cycle!

Have a nice wheekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final call: vote for the Dutch Guinea Pig Foundation

Hi All,

The guinygirls wrote about the Dutch Guinea Pig Foundation and asked you to vote so that they would have a shot at winning a Camper (last day to vote, so if you haven't, please do! We voted on every computer we have). We asked the guinea pig herd from Almere to write something about the Dutch Guinea Pig foundation, since many among their ranks come from the stichting cavia shelters, and they've been to the cavy-village in Bakkeveen.

Caviabende Almere

We, that is CaviaBende Almere, would like to tell you something about the shelter we came from. Pom used to live in a big herd (about 60 piggies!) because somebody let his/her piggies breed without limits. Sofie, Melissa and Darwin were signed over to Stichting Cavia because their former owner didn’t want them any more :-( Our new owner found Pom in the shelter in Bakkeveen, the girls in the shelter in Haarlem… and we are very happy together! Since we hope more piggies wil find a good home this way… well, we like to tell you something more about Stichting Cavia!

Stichting Cavia (Guineapig Foundation) was founded in september 1997.
The goals of the foundation are:
  • To offer a shelter for guinea pigs and attempt to find a suitable new owner for them
  • To supply information about guinea pigs in order to increase their well being and pleasure in life.
    Stichting Cavia headquarters is located in Bakkeveen (Friesland, Netherlands), but has many smaller shelters throughout the Netherlands and even in Belgium.
If someone is no longer able to look after their guinea pig, looking for a temporary care solution (ecc holiday), or looking for a new piggy at your home they are welcome here! Stichting Cavia also provides people with information about piggie healthcare and daily care. Stichting Cavia offers a shelter for guinea pigs from people that can no longer take care of their them  (regardless of the reason). Stichting Cavia doesn't charge the previous owners, they only ask them to fill in a declaration stating that Stichting Cavia is the new owner of the guinea pig. 

If the guinea pig is healthy and not too old, the foundation will try to find a new owner.
If they don't succeed in finding one, the guinea pig will spend the rest of its life in the cavy-village (Caviadorp) in Bakkeveen.

Most of the time Stichting Cavia has a large number of piggies available, so if you are looking for a piggie: check Stichting Cavia first before you go to the petshop…!

Caviabende Almere enjoying their forever home
With getting a new piggie from Stichting Cavia you also become a contributor of the foundation for 1 year and you receive the newsmagazine “de CaviaKrant” (Guinea pig newspaper) twice a year.
Amongst the many guinea pigs that are brought to Stichting Cavia there are also old animals and animals with a weak health. In principle, these guinea pigs can still have a good life despite their shortcomings. However, due to the time and costs involved in their caretaking, they are not suitable for the average pet owner. These guinea pigs stay in the cavy-village for the rest of their lives.

You can support these guinea pigs by financially adopting them for the amount of 16 euro a year (you can deposit this amount on account 7741751 or bank account of Stichting Cavia in Bakkeveen). You can choose the guinea pig on this page (in Dutch). 

Of the guinea pig(s) that you decide to adopt financially, you will receive an adoption certificate. If you extend the adoption with another year, you will receive a card with a short description of how the guinea pig is doing. Additionally, you will receive our newsmagazine "De Caviakrant" (Guinea Pig Newspaper, in Dutch, only delivered in the Netherlands) twice a year. Thanks to your help, the guinea pig can enjoy the rest of his or her life in the cavy-village.
If you are interested to support us by financially adopting one of the guinea pigs in Bakkeveen, you can send an e-mail to:

Caviabende Almere

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Agent of the Month May......

and the winner is DRUMROLL................................

Agent Addytude well done agent!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vote for the Dutch Guinea pig foundation (stichting cavia)

Hi all,

We have a request for you, the dutch ebay, called 'marktplaats' is giving away a camper. Many groups and foundations have signed up to become the new owner of this camper.
We just heard from our friends of the Guinea pig gang Almere (@caviabendealmer on twitter) that the Dutch Guinea Pig foundation (stichting cavia) is competing.
They have guinea pig shelters in the netherlands, and a big guinea pig village where they take care of loads of unwanted guinea pigs. They pick up about 3000 guinea pigs a year, and their van unfortunately is old and broken at the moment...
Please take a minute to vote for them!!!
Vote here and click on the 'Steun mij' button, which means 'support me'
Thanks from all the Dutch guinea pigs
and us,
The Guinygirlz (who luckily have a forever home):
Woopy, Lily, Daisy and Roos

P.S. you can vote until the 10th of May
p.s.2 Also don't forget to vote for the caption contest!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Video: to the Guineamobile!

Dr. Trouble has stolen the lettuce from the fridge. Such evil cannot go unpunished so these two awesome guinea girls go 'to the guinea mobile' and rescue the poor lettuce

Have a nice Wheekend!

p.s. don't forget to vote for the caption contest

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caption Contest Vote

Vote for you favourite caption to chose Agents of the months for May.