Friday, April 29, 2011

Agent-in-Training Update

Agent-in-Training O here. I am happy to say I've gained weight this month and am now 980 grams, just 20 grams shy of full Agent weight! I'm quite pleased and tried today to convince Slave that were it not for the neutering surgery, I would already be an Agent. Slave laughed a bit and assured me that this was a nice thought but a bit of an exaggeration. Needless to say, I harrumphed and walked away, mumbling oaths under my breath.

Agent-in-Training O
of The Nubbins Nine

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surrey Squeakers Herd Challenge

From left to right Agent Potato, Aurora, Bruschetta, Sushi, Agent Ice Cream, Martini, and half of Cayenne.

From left to right bending-the-rules-one (literally) Aurora, Amaretti, Sushi, Agent Ice Cream, Martini, Bruschetta, Brioche,Agent Watercress and Agent Cox's Orange

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Challenge for the Herds - the Winkyteam Edition

From left to right: Suus, Igor, Yaya, Lotje, Dunya and Guiny

Agent I reporting out of the archives *dusty cough*

This is our group photo, with six piggies. According to J you need:

  • at least 2 slaves; one for keeping the models happy (must be a master at simultanous petting) and one for making the pigtures.
  • a comfy studio. We were sitting on a couch, covered with a piece of fabric.
  • a plan, some pigs are more dominant than others; put peacemakers in between (that is why Suus and auntie Guiny are on opposite ends). Yaya and auntie Lotje serve as buffers.
  • lots of veggies to distract.. err.. pamper the models

Friday, April 22, 2011

Piggyfriends line up. Out-takes.

We started our line up with Dandelion but she let the side down by facing the wrong way.

Then, just as we were good to go, she burrowed under Agent Big Red, who carried on munching his celery. Nothing stops him from eating.

Dandelion was returned to her pen in disgrace to be replaced by Otto but something must have distracted Agents Flower and Big Red.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Challenge for the Herds. The Piggyfriends' line up

We have had some success in lining up some of the Piggyfriends for a photoshoot!  We have some out takes to show you another time but here are pigtures of a set of six and another of seven.

The six are - Agent Firenze and her friend Lavender with Agents Flower,  Big Red, Bouquet and their friend Otto. Not a very neat line but they are all facing the same way.

The line of seven are - Agent Firenze, Lavender, Agents Flower,  Big Red,  Bouquet, their friend Fennel and Agent Avatar.

We might have squeezed in another piggy but we used the sofa so that they did not all run away and some of these piggies are quite wide and filled up all the space ( it is only a little sofa ).

Celery was used as a bribe to get our identity parade lined up. Now, sir,  can you identify which of these guinea pigs was responsible for the mugging?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Agent Java's Herd Challenge Outtakes

Agent Java has admitted that getting perfectly pigtured piggies is harder than it looks;

No in a line facing the camera hmmff

All the same way round please

Agent Acorn you are letting the herd down

Its a hard life being Boss Pig

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Challenge for the Herds

Agent Minty reporting in.
A first attempt at lining up some Piggyfriends has not met with absolute success but you did ask for out takes. Here is one of the more amusing ones.
Sorry Agent Java. Slave will try again. Better luck next time!

Make Mine Chocolate

Make Mine Chocolate

With Easter just a few days away, we thought we would show our support for the "Make Mine Chocolate" rabbit welfare campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to stop the impulse buying of rabbits as Easter presents for children, as sadly a lot of these rabbits then end up in rescue a few months down the line.

Make Mine Chocolate says it all, give the kids a chocolate rabbit for Easter, oh and Mummy says she will always accept a chocolate rabbit, what is it with humans and chocolate??


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sleeping method: the Ear Wiggle

Out of the 2009 archives: Agent Thunderbear curled up like a croissant with(!) wiggly ears.

The method itself was excellently covered by Agent PorkChop and Agent Lettuce but we thought the video makes a good addition to their report.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Surrey Squeakers Summer Crib

Oooh the Squeakers would love to see their new pen on the blog!

The whole pen has a sturdy wooden frame of treated wood, and the wire is strong 1" x 1/2" mesh, except for the roof which is 1/2" x 1/2" mesh. The company who made it kindly sent us some offcuts of mesh (at a very small price) to go all the way round the bottom edge to stop rats burrowing in. The pen is 6 feet tall, 9 feet deep and 12 feet wide and is big enough to take both the big hutches, one large shelter (for eating grass deliveries when it's raining), and 10 pigloo type houses. The Squeakers love it!

We love the Squeakers new pen although Mummy says we havent got room in our garden for one humphhhh

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Agent in training Boomer

Hello agents, agents in training and human slaves. Boomer and Starbuck have been with us for just over three weeks. They are both lively, bright eyed and adorable but Boomer has not put on any weight while Starbuck is chunking up nicely. They are now about 14 weeks, Boomer is the alpha so she gets plenty of hay, Burgess Excel pellets and a range of veggies. Does anyone have any suggestions, should she putting weight on or am I panicking?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Glorious Weekend

Well it was a miracle here in the UK we actually had nice weather all weekend long.

Me and the Iron Hamster went out for about 3 hours each day to mow the lawn and sleep in our tent.

It would have been perfect but Mummy decided to give us a bath yuck, then because we were clean we were not allowed our pop up tunnel, just because we sit and pee in it and then because we chose to sit and pee in our tent Mummy cut the bottom out of it. She is working on the theory that if we pee on the grass it will soak away and we will stay cleaner hmmmmmmm.

Mind you she was really evil last weekend not only did we have to have panacur and ivermectin she also cut our nails wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

So how have you spent your weekend?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleeping Method in the Pigloo

Step one find an empty pigloo in the colour of your choice

Step two make yourself comfy

Step three dream of food

Misfit Annibelle

Agent Adatudy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hay Review 12

This is another one that is not technically a hay, this time it Burgess Excel Country Garden Herbs.

This comes in a small packet costing £1.84 and is a mixture of dandelion, plantain, chicory, mint, milk thistle, cornflower and jerusalem artichoke.

This is nice as an extra treat but compared to the mountain meadow herbs its a bit boring and is mainly brown in colour.

We rate this 6 out of 10

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Challenge for the Herds

Agent Java Boss Pig of the California Collective wants to know if you can beat her record and get 5 or more piggies sitting neatly in a row.

From left to right Agents Magician,Godiva,Mango,Acorn and Java

We want to see your best pigtures and your out takes.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Agents of the Month; April

This month we have 3!! Agents of the month they are drumroll.............

Agent Chanel for reaching Agent weight

Agent the Saint for showing us piggys can have a cuddly friend and for the cute pigture of him and his friend.

Agent Storm for the very impressive party trick of being able to make a whole new piggy just from his offcuts of hair.

Well done all

Friday, April 1, 2011

I am 2 Today

Like the queen I have an official birthday, as I came from a pet shop no one knows my real birthday.

Based on how old the humans think I was when they bought me home they estimated my real birthday to be around the end of March start of April.

My big brother Agent F decided I was a fool and so the 1st of April was nominated as my official birthday.

So raise a glass of carrot wine to me Ghost 2 years young today!!!

Fwd: New Agents & Agents-in-Training - part 3 (last of the photos)

Agent Sullivan

Agent Shakti

The last TWO photos of The Nubbins Nine are attached.

Fwd: New Agents & Agents-in-Training - part 2 (more photos)

Agent Indy

Agent Dunham

The last four photos of The Nubbins Nine are attached.

New Agents & Agents-in-Training

Agent in Training Benson

Agent in Training Spaetzle

Agent in Training Orchid

Agent in Training O

Agent Carroll

Wheee are The Nubbins Nine and we would like to officially join the ranks of the Undercover Guinea Pigs as individual Agents and Agents-in-Training. Lettuce introduce our piggy selves:

Agent-in-Training Benson weighs in at 606 g. Age 2 1/2 months.
My real name in the first name of the actress who plays Law & Order character Benson..
I'm the second speediest in this group and hard to catch. As an agent in training, I'm able to help free anyone, anytime in record time.

Agent-in-Training Spaetzle weighs in at  614 g. Age 2 1/2 months
My real name is from the same language as my agent name and, like my agent name, it also contains the letter z.
I'm the speediest of us all and I like to talk. As an agent in training, I'd be an excellent messenger.

Agent in Training Orchid weighs in at 671 g. Age 2 1/2 months
My real name is the same as a variety of orchid.
I'm a natural-born something, I'm just not sure what. As an agent, you can think of me as pure potential to be and do anything!

Agent in Training O weighs in at 956 g. Age 9 months
My real name begins with the letter O. I've been told by Agent Stargirl (a 12 year old human) that my agent name is very mysterious.
I'm a super-pig with prodigious talents with jumping and climbing. My hero is Superman.

Agent Carroll weighs in at 1073 g. Age 12 months
My real name is the lead character in a story written by Carroll.
I'm a quiet, steady pig who loves to snuggle and to take adventures. As an agent, I offer a steadying influence in crowds.

Agent Indy weighs in at 1097 g. Age 14 months
My real name happens to be the same as a famous auto racing driver.
I'm very talkative and generally considered the best Spokespig of The Nine. As an agent, I offer skills in international translation and negotiation.

Agent Dunham weighs in at 1118 g. Age 12 months
My real name is the first name of FBI Agent Dunham on show Fringe.
I'm mild mannered, quiet and smart. As an agent I hold the powers of observation.

Agent Sullivan 1230 g. Age 13 months
My real name is the first name of a character with my agent name as her last name on the Canadian show The Guard.
When about to be picked up, I scream and run, then I'm fine. I also like to lift my butt off the blanket I'm being held with before I pee. As an agent, I would like to help scared or traumatized creatures feel safe upon rescue.

Agent Shakti weighs in at 1302 g. Age 3 years
My real name is one of the many names and manifestations of the Hindu Goddess.
I'm the matriarch of The Nine. As an agent, I offer confident (if not bossy) leadership for all adventures.

Our group secret agent name, The Nubbins Nine, comes from a play on words from episodes 6 & 7 of season 1 for a current science fiction show currently airing season 3.

Wheeee look forward to lots of helpful and kind adventures. Actually, does anyone know ... Has a Undercover Agent team been dispatched to Japan?