Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Veggies in the Shed: Surreysqueakers

As you can see the Surrey Squeakers live in a large shed full of interesting places to hide and climb on (I am sooo jealous)

Their shed is like having permanent floortime, they have loads of space to run around in and lots of places to chill out in.

Best of all they have magic veggies that appear, how cool is that?

Floortime Forever!!!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weighing report of the Guinygirlz (and boar)

Hi there,

We had a weigh-in tonight.
Auntie Janneke took some pictures when we were staying over and slaves were on holiday, they are too cute to not share. But of course we have grown since then!

Daisy: 540 grammes, 3 months old
lowest weight: 320 grammes, she was a little over a month old

Lily: 640 grammes, 3 months old
lowest weight: 290 grammes, also a little over a month old

Woopy: 960 grammes, 2 years old
lowest weight: 107 grammes (wet) when born on 16 - 04 - 2008,
Highest weight: 1020 grammes, July this year

Chico: 1280 grammes. 3 years old on the 6th of September, 2010
lowest weight: 1160 grammes, in october 2008, he was then a little over 2 years old coming to live with us from the shelter
Highest Weight: 1360 grammes (LAPS!) April to June 2009, almost 2 years old!

Our slaves keep a spreadsheet in Excel with graphs and our weights and ages in days, weeks, years and so on.. Do you also have those geeky scientific slaves?


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Big Agent and Agents in Training Weigh in

We all know piggies come in all shapes, sizes and colours so we thought it would be a good idea to see how different we all are.

I will start Agent Ghost Age 1 year and 5 Months approx, weight currently 988g (2pounds 2 Oz) this low weight is due to my fight with bloat normally I am 1300g (2pounds 12 Oz) Mummy hopes I will start putting it back on soon, dont worry I am eating and playing well but humans worry.

Agent in training Hamster Age 14 weeks approx, weight currently 483g (1pound)

Just so we all know 29g is approx 1oz

Agents and Agents in training please submit your reports

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why Don't We Have This?


We have warned Mummy she might get arrested if she goes round spray painting guinea pigs everywhere, even though we think it is a great idea!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dinner Time

This is me and the Hamster "sharing" dinner before I got ill, can you believe he stole MY leaf and then wouldn't get off the one I wanted.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dealing with Bloat

As most of you will know I have had problems with the dreaded bloat.

Mummy believes the Baytril I was given for conjunctivitis made me stop eating causing gut stasis which then lead to bloat.

I stopped eating and pooping and it was only with a lot of hard work and 2 nights staying with the vet that I managed to start pooping.

Here is an x-ray of my tummy (sorry its not very good pigture) on my left (right side of pigture) instead of seeing white bones all you can see is a mass of black, this is the gas that was filling my tummy.

So how did I get better? When I first went to the vet they gave me metaclopramide injection and gave Mummy metaclopramide tablet to give me at home as well as syringe feeding me, this failed to help I would eat a few leaves if handfed and accept the syringe but I couldn't poop.

I went back to vet again they kept me overnight with no success and then they took x-ray when they saw black mass they told Mummy they couldn't help me and that it didn't look good (Mummy was distraught but she is not a quitter)they let Mummy take me home and she made an appointment to see a guinea pig savvy vet first thing the next morning.

Mummy spoke to the Piggyfriends rodentologist who suggested she give me 1ml infacol straight away and 1ml at bedtime. Mummy did this she also massaged my tummy and made me move around (which I did not want to do) she also syringed me food and water and I managed a few tiny poops.

The next day the new vet gave me more metaclopramide injections, regular syringe feeding and regular moving around (I was in the piggy intensive care unit looked after by the piggy nurse) I pooped some more but they worried I wasnt eating enough and kept me overnight for more intensive care.

The following day Mummy came and collected me after work, I still didn't really want to eat but as long as I had food syringed I would poop, Mummy promised to syringe feed me forever if thats what I needed. Mummy gave me 1ml infacol, acidophilus more tummy massages and running around.

It was amazing for the UK but we had some nice weather and Mummy decided to let me out on the grass (grass can be gassy for piggies but as Mummy thinks Baytril not diet caused problem she took a gamble) and I munched away happily the whole time. I went to bed and made some nice poops.

The problem was I still did not want to eat hay or pellets or any fresh food other than grass.

Mummy kept letting me mow the lawn when sunny and cutting me grass when it wasn't, working on the theory that it was better for me to eat something for myself. She also syringe fed me 20ml 3 times a day, sometimes weetabix and sometimes my pellets mashed in boiling water and allowed to cool and also 1ml infacol and acidophilus daily.

As long as Mummy kept the food coming in I kept the poops coming out but I did not want to eat for myself.

Then my darling Not So-Lil Woop found a Dutch website that suggested giving 1ml olive oil once a day, they said that gas in the intestines is present as foam and is very hard to get rid off, it also tells the brain that the tummy is full even when its not. The olive oil changes the foam bursting the bubbles and making it easier to get rid off.

The day after my first dose I ate some pepper and cucumber for myself, within 3 days I was back to eating normally and we stopped the olive oil, Mummy says it was my miracle cure!!

When she started the olive oil Mummy stopped the infacol.

Mummy then started reducing my syringe feeds I went from 20ml morning, noon and night to 20ml morning and night with 10ml at noon. I stayed the same weight.

Mummy cut back again 15ml morning and night and 5 ml at noon stayed same weight.

Then again 15ml morning and night no noon food stayed the same weight.

Then 10ml morning and night same weight, then 5ml morning and night same weight.

Now I am having no syringe food.

So key treatments are;
Syringe feed to keep tummy working
Hand feed to keep teeth working and tummy moving
Metaclopramide injections from vet to get tummy moving
Infacol to help make gas easier to pass
Massage to help tummy pass gas
Movement again to help pass gas
Olive Oil to disolve gas bubbles

This is such an important subject that I am setting you all a mission, I want you to find any links you can to treatments for bloat if you have personal experience we want to hear it, and as we are a multi national team of agents please add links to non English sites as others from non English speaking countries may need information to.

I want this to be a one stop shop for any pig who needs information about bloat and how to deal with it.

See contribute section at top of blog to find out how to submit your posts

Piggies get searching!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet the Sheep

Well as promised Agent Incognito has managed to get the sheep to stay still for a photo.

He appears to have red eyes like me, but mine are a much darker red, of course it could just be the silly camera changing eye colour, we will wait for Incognito to advise us.

The Sheep

Monday, August 16, 2010

We are Together Again

The hamster and me had to be kept seperate until my eye was better so I didnt give the infection back to him.

On Friday afternoon Mummy and Daddy decided it would be ok to let us back together again.

Well not only did they get me a hamster they must have got the randiest hamster they could find, he kept humping my head!!!!

We have had a few words and I thought we understood each other, things settled down I rumbled occassionaly and he followed me around.

Saturday was chilly here so we cuddled up together for warmth, you may remember Agent F always had to have a slight gap between us, not the hamster he hides under my chin.

On Sunday he had come up with a new annoying habit, he follows me around most the time trying to get his head up my butt this is very very annoying.

I haven't lost my temper yet despite Mummy and Daddy saying they wouldn't blame me, I just get myself into a corner where he cant see my butt.

Whats a boy to do???


Saturday, August 14, 2010

The importance of floor time!

Hi there fellow Agent piggers.

We want to tell you something about the importance of floor time...

First of all, what is floor time?
Floor time enables us to see a different part of the house we live in, and is ideal when our slaves need to change the bedding in our cages.
Floor time is also a good way for us to get some exercise, and if we get exercise we will be healthier and probably happier. Our slave Mikey makes sure we always get at least one bowl of pellets (we got three in our cage), some hay and a water bottle when we are out. Ghost has a ramp from his cage to the floor area so he can decide when to come out and when to stay in and eat or drink.
Our slave Mikey likes to give us obstacles and challenges, in the video below our slave made a little maze with fences and in the middle was a house upside down filled with hay!

Plus floor time can be so much fun!!
Here you can see lily'Explorer, Lil'wheeker and not-so-lil'Woop in action, Valentino was hiding somewhere out of view:

Getting used to your slave
Floor time is also a good way for our slave(s) and us to get used to each other. Slave can sit in our play area and not move to much at first, maybe talk softly to us. After a couple of times (or maybe even from the start) he or she can try to get our attention by calling our names, or just the name she used for all of us, like little monsters or guinea piggies. And if we come to her or him, maybe tempted by the sound of a plastic bag or veggies tearing, we get to have a piece. Our slave Mikey always gives us a house or something to hide in. We also have one of our travelling cages lined with newspapers in the kitchen (our floor time area) available in case we need to go... but we don't always use it ;) Ghost likes to sit under the ramp on the floor area and have a poop, his humans would rather he used the ramp to go back into cage and have a poop, silly humans...

Floor time outside?
What is also nice is piggies having floor time outside. We loooove eating the grass or other yummies, but if we have never had grass before (remember agent ghost and his early tummy upset) make sure we get used to it slowly! Your human can cut you a handful of grass with the scissors and add it to your food bowl before you actually get to go out and mow the lawn. Remember humans are lazy and if we don't mow the lawn they have to mow it themselves and they don't like that.

Be sure we cannot reach any poisonous plants, animal droppings or other things we cannot have...
Always make sure we are safe, we don't want any other animals getting in our play area.
Best is to use a pen or run and cover the top. Covering the top also gives us some shade when it is very sunny outside. Some boxes or houses to hide in would be nice too...
Ow yes don't put us indoor piggies outside when it's raining or cold and windy, we might get ill. And don't put us on grass that has recently been mown. But I am sure we don't have to tell you that!!

Here you can see our late leader Agent F and Agent ghost having 'floor time' in the grass

Now its your turn, we want your floor time stories, pigtures and videos, get working!!

Agent Valentino and Agent Ghost

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well as you know the hamster gave me conjuctivitis and it has taken ages for Mummy to get rid of it again, so I thought I would share with you what happened to me and then if it happens to you, you will have a good idea of what to do.

I wanted Mummy to take a photo of my poorly eye so you could see what conjuctivitis looks like but she claims she was too busy looking after me and the Hamster with all our other medical problems, what kind of lame excuse it that??

Ok first off what is conjuctivitis? It is an inflammation of the conjuctivia also known as pink eye as it can cause the whites of the eyes to appear red and also the inside of the eye lids look red.

What Causes Conjuctivitis? In my case the vet eventually had to take a swab from my eye to find out that what was causing my problem was gram negative bacteria. There are other causes and they are viral, irritant or allergy.

What are the symptoms of conjuctivitis? The hamsters symptoms were that both of his eyes became gunked up and he couldnt open them Mummy had to bathe them for him to remove the gunk, his eyes also looked very big like they were popping out the side of his head. My symptoms were different for a start I only had the problem in one eye (this may be because as soon as my eye showed symptoms Mummy treated both eyes)my eye became very red and sore looking especially inside the eye lid and instead of popping out my eye appeared to be sunken in its socket. I also had gunky discharge and crusty patches around my eye socket. Other symptoms are itchy eyes (neither me nor the hamster scratched our eyes) burning eyes (ouch) blurred vision(well piggy vision is not the best anyway) and light sensitivity.

What is the treatment for conjuctivitis? Well we had several treatments before we found one that worked, initially Mummy gave us chloramphenicol drops one drop 3 times a day (according to my swab this should have worked) we then had clinagel drops twice a day these did not work. We then had baytril (I will post about that seperately!!) well the baytril did work it cleared the hamster's eyes and it cleared mine but because I couldnt take the full dose the problem came back. What worked for me was fucithalmic ointment applied to eye twice a day, this had nearly cured it (based on test results it shouldnt have helped)but to finally kick it into touch I have been having chloramphenicol drops 3 times a day and fucithalmic ointment once at bedtime. My eye is now better (hurray) but I have to keep having the medicine for a few days more to be sure.

Other things to know
Conjuctivitis is contagious so if you have it make sure your cage mates get treated as well (unless its caused by irritant)
The quarantine time is about 3 days.
It can spread easily from one eye to the other so treat both.
Make sure the bottles the drops are in do not touch you at all, drop from a distance.
If you can avoid having an oral antibiotic AVOID it and use the topical eye treatments.
If in doubt get an eye swab.

Hope this is helpful


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lets Meet Agent 7

What is your special agent name and why did you chose it? I am Agent 7 cause 7 is a lucky number

Where do you live, which state? I live in Oregon USA

Who do you live with? I live with me mommy slave Sandy

What is your favourite food? Romaine! Romaine! Romaine! organic and dripping wet and crisp

What is your favourite toy? I luv driving my piggloo aroun, I can put it over my food dish when its too cold out.

What is the best thing about being you? I am a pirate and I was a good bruder to da late Manny da Boar, and da very Best is I luv my fiance Jodie Da Pig, she is soft an cuddly she make me happy

Any other comments you would like to add? I like to go each spring on secret agent trips to guard da swimming leatherback turtles and I belong to a group dat guards da nest of turtle eggs and den wee keep away da birds so dey can get to da ocean when dey hatch. Last year da oder secret agent pigs went wit me but I cant say who cause it's a secret.

Welcome Agent 7.

See Agent F I kept my promise


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guest Number 25

Agent 7...............

Agent 7 is the least Secret of all the secret agents having already revealed his identity several times tsk tsk.

Your clues are he is a lone pig who lives in Oregon with his Mummy, his real name is alliterative and double barrelled (who says piggy's dont know big words)

Get Guessing

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Got a Hamster I Got a Sheep!!!

I, Agent Incognito, would like to announce that I now have a little
brother! His name is Ethan, and on Sunday he celebrated his three-week
anniversary with us. He came to us from a rescue after his family
surrendered him at two days old.

You know how Hector is really a hamster? Well, Ethan is a little sheep,
I think, although the rescue lady said he is a Texel. He has gray
"pants" and a bit of a gray "mask" around his eyes and is white in the
middle. In his coloration, he kind of reminds me of my older brother,
Tumbleweed AKA Master of Disguise (RIP).

This little sheep is a great friend to me, but, wow, is he active. He
runs all over the cage, popcorning and throwing himself into cozies,
under cardboard "roofs," and into our wooden A-frame. Will send a photo
when I can. He is so fast he is hard to photograph!

Agent Incognito

Welcome Ethan, with all these new mini (pigs??) around we will sooon have more agents in training than actual agents (rolls on the floor laughing)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drumroll Please

Agent Momma's Momma has advised me that she believes both the mini pigs are girls.

I am delighted by this news as it means they get to stay living with Agent Momma.

It also means I am agent of the month for September along with Velvet, Onyx and Agent Aerial.

Now cuteness overload more pigtures of the mini pigs.

Now we just need to know their names!!!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Testing Times

Well as you may remember my eye is still bad as the Hamster gave me conjuctivitis, I have had chloramphenicol drops, clinagel with gentamicin drops and neither helped the only thing that seemed to help was the baytril and we all know what that did to my tummy.

I went to the vet again on Saturday and they stuck a great big cotton bud in my eye ouch.

I have to wait a week to find out what is wrong with my eye and to find out what to use to cure it.

While we wait Mummy is trying a third set of eye drops fucithalmic drops, these appear to have made a very slight difference to my eye but they have not cured me either.

I will let you know when I get the results.

In the meantime I have been eating lots more grass and last night I left a pile of poop on my play rug and Mummy was too happy to tell me off.

She had to show Daddy, she told him I was still constipated as the poops had little tails on the end like doggy's not normal and round like a bean.

I swear the woman needs help.